What Is Three-coin Feng Shui And Where To Hang It The Zen Way?

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What is three-coin Feng shui?

The most common spiritual practices of Feng shui coins are bundled into a 3, 6 or 9 coins, connected by a string or cluster. Three is the symbol of the trinity for heaven, earth, and humans for blessings or luck. Six, a blessed three multiply, implies celestial power. Nine is the finishing number – the last single digit before the digits start 1-0 again. Typically, feng shui coins are attached to red ribbon or cord, with red being the highest-energy, most auspicious color and a symbol of wealth.

Look for coins that are collected with mystic fancy or flower knots, an extra lure for luck. Coin strings often feature a hanging tassel with a decorative knot or gem-stone bead that can be attached to the coins. Any mixture of threes will operate— choose the right region to hang or conceal the coins.

Where to place a three-coin for Feng shui?

When displayed in the right corner of your private space based on the Bagua map, a three-coin will enhance the good Chi there and attract wealth to your place, be it your home or office. But there are several other places you can hang the three-coin for Feng shui goodness:

  • Slide into your desk drawer a knotted triangle of fortunate coins. 
  • Tuck coins inside the front door under your desk blotter or rug. 
  • Wear a single coin or three-coin cluster around your throat as a medallion.
  • Hang from your dashboard mirror, backpack, or real keys a feng shui coin key chain. 
  • Bring a coin in your pocket or wallet as an amulet. 
  • In each of the four fortunate red envelopes, place one single coin, one for each corner of a space.
  • Suspend a knotted coin string next to or above your cash register. 
  • It’ s a good idea to add one or more feng shui coins to wherever you feel needed.

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Three feng shui coin pendant

Feng shui 3 coin set hanging for car


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