How To Place Hanging Feng Shui Coins To Instantly Bring You Luck And Wealth?

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When talking about Feng shui items that bring fortune to homeowners, it is impossible not to mention Feng shui coins, an tem that has been validated for its usage since ancient times. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about hanging Feng shui coins and how to use it to attract good Chi energy to your place.

How to make a Feng shui coin hanging?

You can buy brass coins and tie them together. But depending on knot patterns and Chinese characters, the coin can has different meanings. Though you can try make your own hanging Feng shui coin, it’s not recommended.

What side of Chinese coin facing door when hanging outside Feng shui?

There are many ways to use coins to enhance Feng shui wealth for the home or homeowner’s business. You can tie them into groups of 3, 6, or 9 coins with red ropes and the lettered direction upwards to activate the energy beam from them. Here are the most common ways to hang Feng shui coins.

Gold coin on doorstep Feng shui (under carpet)

Ancient people believe that walking on money always leads to good luck. So every time when making a house to the finishing stage, people often buried coins in the floor and entered the main entrance. This is the application of the Earth Abhidharma rule with the expectation that the land of his house will grow more and more wealth.

If your house does not yet have this, you can put a lucky coin under the carpet inside the entrance to the house, still having a very good skill.

Place coins next to mobile devices

To bring luck, you can put coins under the phone, attach them to the back of your mobile phone or leave them in your mobile phone case. There is a perception that, coins will neutralize radiation emitted from mobile devices, thereby dispelling negative energy sources, positive energy sources will easily gather, be beneficial to health and both the master’s fortune.

Attract money to your pocket

Leave 3 lucky coins in your wallet, savings book … to activate your own wealth.

Put coins in important financial documents and accounting books

In order to attract the success of projects in business, you can provide good energy for the relevant records by tying 3 coins with red wire and then sticking to the profile cover, the face with the word go up. That can create prosperous energy and bring success in your work. 

Drop the coin into your home fountain

If there is an indoor or outdoor fountain, you can drop six lucky coins under the fountain. This will bring you luck about fortune.

Hang 3 coins in every corner of your home

There is a perception that, whenever you build or repair a house, stick to the walls as many coins as possible. Also, hang 3 more coins in every corner of your home to build wealth and prosperity. 

Give it away

 Give a Feng shui coin to others when they need to promote their own prosperity, and you’ll get more than that.

Activate luck for your office

Placing coins on your desk, under your seat, on your computer … will increase your work efficiency and help you earn more money.

The most common hanging Feng shui coins with meanings

This is a widely used model of coins from ancient times, coins with a round shape symbolizing Heaven, in the middle of an empty square symbolizing the Land. Heaven outside, Land inside corresponds to Thai hexagrams in the I Ching that means prosperity. Vietnamese coins are circulated during the feudal period, each of the kings, and another year on which coins are engraved with different letters. Each coin cages together in different shapes has a meaning:

The Three-coin (Heaven – Earth – Human)

Three-coin Feng shui is a form of Feng shui coin for business people, and it has a sense of temporal, favorable, and harmonious and always brings luck and fortune.

The Apricot blossom coins (10 coins)

The coin has 10 small wings tied from 10 small coins, in the middle of 2 big 2-sided coins, looking like apricot flowers. There is a great effect in the path of business and career, contributing to advancing the position and resolving the assassination of small-scale …

How to use: Apricot blossom coins can be hung in front of the door to ward off evil spirits or put on a desk or table in the living room to increase your fortune. Do not hang or place Apricot blossom coins in bedrooms, toilets, or any wet place.

The Coins of Fortune Spirit (bat-shaped)

In Chinese, the word “bat” is homonymous with the word “happiness”. Therefore, bats (also known as test blessings) become animals that symbolize sorrow. Bats attached to money are images that guide the talent, use to resolve bad fortune, bring good luck

The Six-King Coins (6 coins)

Six coins of coins are six coins of the 6 emperors most powerful in the Qing Dynasty: Thuan Tri, Khang Hy, Ung Chinh, Can Long, Gia Khanh and Dao Quang. Similar effects coins Five Empire.

The Bat-Bach Coins (8 coins)

The number 8 represents the Bat Bach star, which is very prosperous and has the effect of promoting the Earthquake in the Eight Era (from 2004 to 2023), which is the prosperity and development, the development of fortune.

The Nine-States coins (9 coins)

Nine coins go together to form gas sand because the number 9 is the symbol of “Thai” which means maximum prosperity, the beginning of a new cycle. Its air and sand not only increase fortune and fortune, but also bring you good luck for your career, career, disaster relief. In addition, the number 9 in Eastern culture means “eternal”, which will bring endless good energy to your place.


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