Get To Know About Feng Shui Wind Chime: Its Surprisingly Powerful Features And How To Hang It Properly

Wind chimes are a very familiar item for each of us, often many households, even many young people hang in the house because of their eye-catching appearance and tinkling sound. However, what is the meaning of wind chimes in Feng shui? Let’s find out!

What is Feng shui wind chime?

Wind bells are also called Chinese names “Phong Linh” and Japanese “furin,” which is one of the most popular and familiar decorative objects for many people today. Wind bells are known and favored because they create bright, pleasant sounds.

The structure of wind chimes usually consists of many metal bars, bamboo bars, or other materials with different short lengths. When these bars collide with each other or collide with the pendulum in the middle, the sound will be created.

A bell-shaped wind bell will have a pendulum attached right inside each bell. When it comes to wind, the inner pendulum will collide with the bell facing up outside, creating a sound. Particularly Japanese wind bells often have a piece of paper attached right below to record the good wishes of the hangers.

In the old days, wind chimes had the use of signaling to homeowners whenever visitors arrived and forecasting the wind direction. Today, wind chimes are especially popular among Asian families, because of people in this area value Feng shui right elements in the house.

This Feng shui item often has the main effect of decorating the house, making the home more lively, contributing to chasing the source of unhealthy air and attracting fortune and fortune into the house, making the members The family is always peaceful and healthy.

The meaning of wind chimes in Feng shui

According to the spiritual conception in Buddhism, static manifests for death, manifesting for life. Therefore, if hanging wind chimes in the house, it will help the space with more sound, become much more lively.

Feng shui principles believe that wind chimes work to regulate the movement of energy, repel negative energy out of your home, as well as help circulate energy sources that are stagnant in the house, Attracting good energy sources, bringing good luck and peace to homeowners.

Material, the number of bars and symbols of different wind chimes will have different meanings and effects, you should choose the appropriate type of bell depending on the purpose of your family to neutralize bad luck or attract fortune.

According to the number of bars

Wind bells are usually fitted with 5 bars, 6 bars or 8 bars. The number of bars of wind chimes will have different meanings. Inside:

Five wind bells will bring an abundant flow of energy to your home, prevent bad energy sources, and resolve many problems in Feng shui.

Wind bells with 6 or 8 bars will bring a lot of luck and fortune to your family, help you do your job well, your career has many advancements.

According to the material

Today’s wind chimes are made of many different materials such as wood, bamboo, metal, earthenware, ceramics, glass… People often choose wind chimes in the direction of the house because each direction of the house is usually consistent. With a number of different wind chimes.

We can see, the wind chimes made from glass, porcelain, or metal, will make the sound more precise and clear.

But the type of bell made of wood or bamboo creates a feeling of closeness and nature, suitable for houses or families who like the simple and rustic style.

According to the symbol

There are wind chimes that will carry different traditional symbols. For example, heart-shaped wind chimes will work to promote love, and a wind chime with Buddha image will work to direct good energy into your home.

Because the meaning of wind chimes in Feng shui is so, you cannot hang this item with any material, anywhere in the house, because it is very likely that this will violate taboos, causing the opposite effect for the home.

Where to hang wind chimes according to Feng shui?

In Feng shui, wind chimes, also known as wind spirits, have many effects but in harmful benefits, wind chimes are like demonic spirits, for weak, weak and weak people, they are not suitable for use. If you still want to use it, you need to position it in the right position to bring good effect, not bring the painting.

Feng shui bells have a dispersing effect, calming bad energy, absorbing killing intent, so it is best to choose oval-shaped wind chimes of the Five Elements Metal because Metal efficiently manages the circulating energy. Hanging door wind chimes will absorb energy and luckily, hanging in front of the kitchen can gather wealth.

Various wind chimes of different shapes and sizes also create different sounds; the diffusion of energy angle is also different. When choosing a wind chime in the house, it is necessary to ensure a harmonious sound, pleasant, not too big, not too burdensome. The tone sounded loud, echoing, the transparent wind chimes helped relax the spirit and decorate the space.

The Feng shui effect of wind chimes is to avoid demons, to kill, to protect peace and in some cases, to be able to use talents. The wind bell works best when in the year of the Five Great Kings, to avoid demons, ghosts, households, excellent blessings. If the owner of this year, before the big door, the window of the wind chimes will be closed.

Select wind chimes to pay attention to the azimuth and the combination material. For example, hanging in the East, the South of the house should use the wind chimes made of wood. Hanging in the North, using metal wind chimes. Hung in the west, the use of ceramic wind chimes is unified to regulate the Five Elements

To observe, hang the wind chimes in the right position at the door but absolutely not hang in the door of the bedroom or reading room, especially of children because listening to the sound of the wind in a long time will make the people excited. Dynamic, easy to make the mood insecure, anxious, sleepless, lack of concentration.


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