How to Maximize Wealth By Feng Shui Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is not only a place to cook but also a lot of meaning about living space for the whole family. Currently, most families have used kitchens to make meals for the entire family, so it needs a cozy and appropriate space. Therefore, to Feng Shui kitchen for wealth, you should pay attention to the following to bring luck, fortune, happiness, and health for people.

1. Feng Shui wealth kitchen direction

The first thing to consider is the kitchen direction. The ideal kitchen direction is to the East and Southeast. Because these are the two belongings of Wood while the kitchen belongs to Fire and Water. According to the conception of the Five Elements, these three acts can supplement each other’s support (the middle of the Wood will balance each other for Fire and Water).

Do not put in the South is Fire, which will correspond to the fire in the kitchen. Fire added to the fire will cause fires, affecting the family’s fortune.

In addition, using the space between the house as a kitchen is incredibly taboo, because between the house is the center, need to be quiet and peaceful, not to smell the smell of food.

2. Feng Shui wealth kitchen: The location of the cooking stove

Kitchen fire symbolizes warmth, happiness, the health of a family. Do not place the oven in a place where there is no support, not to cook in the middle of the kitchen, in the middle of the room, or in front of the window always open.

Many concepts that do not put a stove under the bar across the house will override the grandfather (grandmother). Leads to preventing the suppression of growth and lucky talents to the whole family.

3. Feng Shui wealth kitchen: Space

Many people believe that the kitchen space is always open and will take away the fortune in the house. But scientifically, a closed kitchen will store food and grease. To create gloom, according to which the sound is more massive, not good for the health of everyone in the family.

Open space helps the kitchen absorb a lot of light, create warmth, sweep away bad things. If the kitchen does not have a lot of free space, it is necessary to install a grease hood, if there is a window or ventilation fan, the better.

4. Feng Shui wealth kitchen: Tidy and clean

The kitchen must be kept neat, clean, airy, and free from steam. The kitchen should be cleaned regularly to avoid food and grease, creating a gloomy kitchen.

Scientifically, the leftover food and grease will form bacteria, germs, and mold that affect health, especially the airways of every family member.

5. Feng Shui wealth kitchen: Faucet in the kitchen

Along with fire, water is the most necessary thing in the kitchen. N hung the concept of Hydrographic Fire will make firewater in the kitchen, always in conflict. So how to make Thuy Hoa in the kitchen be balanced and reasonable? Should choose the tap position is very important and necessary for your home fortune

Therefore, the faucet should not be placed too close to the stove, which will cause conflict. The concept of folklore suggests that if the water is situated near a stove, it will engulf the “Grandparents and the Apple.” It is also not advisable to place a tap on the opposite side of the stove that makes Thuy – the different fire causing conflicts that make the family always discord.

6. Feng Shui wealth kitchen: Kitchen utensils

Essential items in the kitchen are also crucial. As washing machines should not be placed in the kitchen, causing moisture, easy to slip for the cook. The positions of knives and cutting boards need to be stored neatly and safely to avoid easy-falling places, causing danger to people in the house, especially out of reach of children.

In particular, the refrigerator is often placed in the kitchen because of the convenience, taking and storing food, arranging spices, etc. However, it should not be refrigerated in the south, north, are directions with a fire. 

The refrigerator should also not be placed opposite the stove, because the fridge represents the storage and maintenance of life, but to face the Fire of fire, everything like money, health is quickly burned. 


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