Turtles In Feng Shui: How To Use It To Increase Your Wealth And Longevity

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Turtles are considered sacred animals bring many good omen and fortune. Feng shui turtles are also a symbol of longevity. Everyone benefits from the existence of turtles. In addition, the turtle is also protection in the North, which is the direction of your fortune.

Feng shui effects of turtles

Turtle is one of the four great animals, dubbed the most beautiful and harmonious sweetheart, symbolizing wealth and longevity. Turtle body is a treasure, tortoiseshell with a tantalizing pattern, the Eastern people, believe that turtles hide the secret of heaven and earth, so there is a vibrant and profound inner spirit that no one can match. At the same time, turtles are animals with a long life span, which also symbolizes health and longevity.

From ancient times to present, in the feng shui, there is the worship of tortoise bearing sand and sand, which is the first mascot in the four sacred objects, so in the house displaying turtles or wearing jade jewels with the shape of tortoise on the side, it can be negative regulating the harmony of yin and yang from the natural school, bringing luck and fortune. In the house, there are ears, visions, criminals, assignments, debilitating problems; troublesome road problems can use Long Regulation to be close, peaceful, and peaceful.

Feng shui tortoises have many shapes, in which the aim is to become the leader. People can choose different forms of turtles, depending on their preferences, but it is worth noting that suitable materials should be selected. Turtles made of natural stone or jade, the spirit of heaven and earth and sophisticated designs will be individual items with high power.

To display Feng shui tortoises in the house, it is necessary to do the opening ceremony to open the spiritual energy of the symbol, strengthen the strength, and work to increase the life expectancy, neutralize the minor and talented people. In addition, wear a turtle-shaped item like a peace charm, blessing yourself to get healthy and be in danger when going out.

Notes when placing feng shui tortoises

The living room presents feng shui items with talent, the whole family enjoys the fortune, and the display of turtles in the living room should be towards the door to take the ability. It is the head of the tortoise that heads towards the big door to collect the four directions and improve the fortune of the landlord.

The turtle display in the bedroom should be directed inward, with the head facing the tail bed facing the door of the room to absorb good aura into the owner, not only good for fortune but also good for health.

It is possible to display tortoises and statues such as God of Fortune, Buddha statues, and Bodhisattva statues. Turtles are benign and benign sand beasts that can be shown in common with other figures, meaning support and family.

Prohibited when displaying feng shui turtles is to put the belly upwards, the back facing down. When the talent is revealed to the belly of a turtle, it is displayed as well, and many talents disappear.

How to place a feng shui turtle properly?

Use the following five tips to increase your income, support, and luck in life with the great help of turtles:

1. Accumulate success

Placing a statue or image of a Turtle in the Southeast is a way to grow your money. In fact, if you can keep a Turtle and put it in this direction, it will not only help your investments grow but also protect your wealth. The Rustic element in the Southeast is only suitable for the energy of the water, so you should raise water turtles here, or you can put a fountain with a turtle as a way to activate the most considerable wealth.

2. Increase income opportunities

Adding an icon or image of a Turtle in your office will increase workplace support and recognition – not to mention career advancement opportunities – and make more money. Put a Chinese coin into the mouth of the turtle to symbolize the imminent wealth.

3. Increase the ability to make money

Put a symbol or image of a Turtle in the North in the living room to increase income and the opportunity to generate more income at business.

4. Bring you good sleep

In feng shui, place a small Turtle under your bed to help you sleep better at night. Additional support gives you a moment of relaxation and a feeling of protection while sleeping. It also attracts more income and opportunities for you while you sleep.

5. Improve health, both physically and mentally

If you want better, happier family relationships and health, put a Feng shui turtle in the east of the house or living room to improve both areas of your life. Turtle – the symbol of the water element will enhance the corner of the house. Growth also represents expansion.


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