6 Feng Shui Tips To Clear Clutter In Your Office

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Clutter management is part of getting excellent Feng Shui. If anything, clutter is the greatest obstacle you can encounter in your life for the best chi flow, prosperity, and goodness. But few individuals can wisely handle their clutter. We get tons and tons of stuff on a daily basis that we don’t really use for a long time. Here are some tips for reducing clutter and inviting healthy Feng Shui energy in your office.

Feng Shui Tip for Anti-Clutter: Sort your mail as it enters your inbox

Incoming mail is one of the clutter’s top sources. Not only are all these bills stressful if they are mismanaged and stashed somewhere in your home, but they also contribute to your home’s clutter. If you really want to get nice Feng Shui, make sure you can screen your mail. Establish a mail sorting scheme. And this also applies to other documents that you may keep at home. You’ll be much better off if you categorize them neatly and throw away those you don’t need anymore. 

Feng Shui Tip for Anti-Clutter: opt for daily cleaning rather than relying on major general cleaning

A general schedule of cleaning is nice, but if you are still not regularly in the habit of cleaning, you may still find yourself filled with a issue of cluttering. So the best thing to do is to exercise your cleaning powers on a regular basis, not just on a timetable, when you try to apply excellent Feng Shui. If done on a daily basis, it doesn’t have to be too strict. You can just begin cleaning one zone per day at a moment to efficiently achieve it. 

Feng Shui Tip Anti-Clutter: Clean as you work

Clean as you go while working on a project. This implies you’re not just going to leave things lying on the table as you do your job. This guarantees that the work space stays smooth, and this also means that in the future you will be open to more productive job as the room is wiped free from any traces of earlier done job. 

Feng Shui Tip for Anti-Clutter: Be generous with your things

Give away the things that you don’t need. When it comes to cleaning up and freeing up from clutter, this is a thumb rule. Being generous means giving away things that you really don’t get to use. What you’re not going to use for a long time and collect dust may be a response to the issues of someone else. Just make sure you don’t transfer clutter, but something that can really be useful to the individual you give it. 

Feng Shui Tip for Anti-clutter: Dust frequently

Dusting often helps to maintain your spot tidy. Dust is also the clutter that we are really attempting to prevent in Feng Shui when accumulated. 

Feng Shui Tip for Anti-Clutter: Assess your things aggressively

Have a peer to assist you assess your things at home if possible. What you may dearly decline to part with is not just a sign of poor Feng Shui, but may also be a sign of a issue of hoarding. Besides addressing your Feng Shui problems, the clutter ma mindset must also be addressed accordingly.


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