What Is Feng Shui Sword Used For And How To Hang It The Zen Way?

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What is Feng shui sword?

The Feng shui sword has the effect of exorcising and defending, condemning, destroying, so it is very suitable to work in the office. Its resounding and solemn atmosphere can also bring about a career, gaining the upper hand in business.

What is Feng shui sword used for?

Aside from all symbolism, the sword used to be a convenient way of representing the metal element, just as the metal element could also be regarded as mirrors (with silver back). We have so much metal furniture and machinery nowadays that some of these old metal cures (such as Chinese gold coins) are not really needed. Where metal has to be placed in the house depends partially on when the house was constructed and the alignment of the compass. This shows what the house’s flying star chart is. This is a map of the magnetic field that is not seen.

Metal can weaken the earth element and it can also reinforce the water element, so that any metal placed in the house will affect the magnetic field and should be carefully done. It’s recommended to use stronger metal solution to do the work, but you can also use more than one metal product in an region to have a stronger cumulative effect.

Where do i place the Feng shui money sword in the office?

Some small notes when using the sword in the Feng shui office as follows.

1. Make sure that the Five Elements of Metal, can reassure, exorcise and kill, but want to use must be based on the specific circumstances and the self-discipline of the master to prevent Kim from being too prosperous and causing trouble.

2. The sword also has killing intent, symbolizing power, so not everyone is suitable for use, can be replaced by a wooden sword for safety.

3. You should not remove the sword from the scabbard because it can injure others. On the other hand, it is not advisable to directly put a sword on the head, for the family in the upper floor is not very good. The sword should be placed on a block of wood or a piece of leather so that Wood element can reduce the aggressiveness of Metal.

The tip of the sword must be directed outward to preserve Chi in the room. Place the scabbard sword in the office to pay attention not to look up, to prevent bad luck.

4. DO NOT locate Feng shui sword in the northwest position, which makes it easy to affect health, sickness, discord between husband and wife. Placed in the South or East, Southeast is more appropriate.

5. For rooms with dim light, windows facing sharp structure, you can also use Feng shui sword. But please advise a Feng shui Master for this specific case.

Where do i place the Feng shui money sword in the living room?

If the family is often unfortunate, or have had an accident, put a Feng shui sword on the wall opposite the main door into the house. Set Feng shui sword on horizontal  shelter or hang not directly pointed to the ground, with about 1m further from the floor.

Where do i place the Feng shui money sword in the garage?

You should apply the same principle above.

Where do i place the Feng shui money sword in the bedroom?

For those who often have nightmares, hang a Feng shui sword just outside the bedroom door but remember to NEVER hang it in the bedroom, Don’t forget to put the sword in scabbard for maximum safety.

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