6 Tips To Feng Shui A Small Bedroom With Limited Area

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To Feng Shui small bedrooms, you should only arrange vital things to ensure space is airy, do not display too much furniture because it will make the air stuffy, challenging to move. The essential items are the bed, the closet, the rest you should consider whether they make your bedroom space become cramped or not. In the small bedroom, you should not hang many pictures, towards simplicity to avoid distractions.

How to place the bed in the small Feng Shui bedroom?

Should choose the right size bed needs to use to help save space, making room for other important needs. Choose beds, objects in the room with appropriate colors; for example, small rooms should choose bright colored beds, less patterned.

How to make a bed so that Feng Shui is also critical, we will mention this in the next section in the article.

The layout of the closet in the small bedroom

In everyone’s bedroom, the wardrobe seems to be an indispensable item, depending on the broad and narrow area, you should choose a suitable sized wardrobe.

For small rooms, you can choose a ceiling cabinet, wall cabinet, or winged wardrobe to save space. Ideal wardrobe location is usually: Headboard, or end of the bed (for long, narrow bedrooms) if avoiding the layout of the glass wardrobe opposite the bed or window because it can cause reflections, light disturbances. 

If the room has poor ventilation and light, it is recommended to choose a light color for the wardrobe and should put a cupboard in the corner of the wall, avoiding blocking windows and entrances to reduce pomegranate light and air. 

For spacious rooms, the choice of wardrobe is more straightforward. However, it is recommended to limit the selection of metal materials, glass, reflective,  etc.

The best layout of the small bedroom according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a factor that many people consider when arranging the furniture in their bedroom because according to the concept of Feng Shui, the arrangement will help bring health and good luck to the owner of the room.

 Here are a few bedroom layouts according to Feng Shui you should consult:

1. Bed

The first thing is that you must choose a firm, well-balanced bed to ensure safety to help you sleep better. Do not place the bed near the door: You should choose a position where you can see the room door to create a sense of security when sleeping.

You should put a headboard close to the wall, with space on both sides, both create harmony in area and help increase positive energy. Do not place the headboard under the window: The headboard set under the window has the feeling of both being unsafe and being easily affected by cold air, causing health effects.

Avoid placing the headboard away from the wall as it will make the sleep not deep. Avoid placing the bed under chandeliers, ceiling fans, and rafters as this can put pressure on your sleep.

2. Bedroom furniture

Furniture should be neat and avoid clutter: Make a habit of keeping and tidying your bedroom neat, tidy, and clean to help you feel more comfortable, sleep more selectively, and better health.

Do not put a lot of tight items around the bed because Feng Shui concept this will cause air circulation obstructed.

According to Feng Shui principles, when arranging furniture in the bedroom whether it is for singles or couples, it is necessary to arrange objects with pairs such as two pillows, two headboards, etc. This represents harmony and balance.

Do not leave things like fish tanks or things related to water that are positive, bedrooms that are negative; this is the same effect that affects your sleep.

3. Bedroom window

During the day, you should open the window to allow light and fresh air flowing inside, to help your room clean and airy. At night, you should close the windows to ensure safety, proper air storage, and adequate airflow from outside.

4. Mirrors

Do not place a mirror across the bed because waking up a mirror image in the middle of the night can startle you. The excellent direction of setting a mirror is the Southeast to help homeowners prosper; the East helps improve health, the North helps to consolidate the reputation. You should hang curtains to cover the mirror when sleeping.

5. Electronic equipment

Bedroom space to rest so limit to place electronic devices because these devices often emit radiation and make it difficult to sleep and not suitable for health. If you have a TV or speakers in the room, you should turn off the power of the devices before you go to bed.

6. Toilets in the bedroom

If your bedroom is closed, you should close the bathroom and toilet to avoid affecting the bedroom atmosphere. 


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