14 Simple Feng Shui Tips To Apply To Your Home Immediately

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Feng Shui, part of an ancient Chinese art and science, is essentially worried with the harmonious connection between man and his environment. The concept that nature is alive and has energy in various forms is based on a Taoist concept. Many contemporary fans claim that Feng Shui is the practice of arranging items to assist attract beneficial energy, such as in the home. A few fundamental Feng Shui tips for the home are as follows: 

1. A house marble table is not great for the profession as it draws stress from the job to your home

A red sofa set is also often said to create barriers and problems in the workplace. Replace that marble table with a wooden table, and any other color with that red sofa.

2. Have sufficient lighting in the rooms as light is an significant energy source

Paint the walls with yellow, which depicts sunlight, in dark spaces where natural light from the window is restricted. Bring in some light to take more energy to the home. This does not imply turning on the lights, but simply opening the curtains to allow the sun to enter. You should also add green plants as the color itself gives happiness and joy in Feng Shui. You can also use mirrors, wind chimes and brighter colors for other ornamental products. 

3. It is necessary to place the bed next to a wall

You also don’t have to sleep in a manner that points your feet to the door, as this has a adverse connotation. You have to remove a mirror in which you can see yourself lying in bed, or cover it with a blanket as you sleep.

Moreover, make sure the bed doesn’t face the door straight. You shouldn’t put a mirror on the reverse side of the bed as it might attract a third party to your relationship. 

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4. Don’t let anything block Feng Shui energy

Nothing, such as shoes and other products, should block the entrance. A clear entrance makes it possible for the beneficial energy to enter the space freely. It is also recommended that the seating is arranged in such a way that the gate can be seen by anyone inside the space.

5. Mirrors are a powerful Feng Shui item

Placing mirrors in the space helps the region to display beneficial power. They amplify inside the space the quantity of light. Mirrors also create the space look much bigger than it really is, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

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6. The more plants, the better for your home

Plants depict nature, and being surrounded by them evokes nature’s healing and nurturing vibrations right in your space. Dying or dead crops, however, attract adverse energy, so immediately bring them out.

7. Mind your kitchen stove as it’s important in Feng Shui

Make sure there is no fridge, washing machine, dishwasher and even sink in front of the stove. Clashes between fire and water; this may stir up adverse energies that may trigger disputes between family members.

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8. Never let your kids sleep on the ground as it can often cause them to get sick

Ideally according to Feng Shui, it is useful to have positive energy flowing under the bed. So your kids are recommended to sleep in beds with room under them. However, they are not advised to use double bunk beds due to the sickness of the kid sleeping underneath.

9. Positive energy flow is usually disrupted in the space by disorder or clutter.

In the room, and from one space to the other, positive energy should be allowed to flow freely. In particular, clutter must be removed from the center of your house, which is considered the heart of the house.

10. Bathroom is crucial in Feng Shui principles

Keep your bathroom clean and the door to the bathroom is always closed as you don’t want the adverse energy flowing outside. You may also want to close all doors in the home as you sleep as it helps to provide household interactions for health and fosters health.

11. Inviting Chi to your doorway

You can begin at your entrance first. Doors should be safe and free of clutter at all times. You should attempt to remove any slippers or shoes that may lie around the entrance with this in mind. It’s said that “chi” flows with the wind in feng shui. With the slippers and shoes at the doorway, the “chi” would bring the smell to your house from the slippers and shoes and cause sickness.

Then the “chi” would go over the interior of the house attempting to locate water where it could remain. The “chi” would readily be spread by the wind in the lack of such water bodies as water fountains and aquariums.

12. Using Feng Shui tanks and fountains

Water is said to be an energy repository called “chi” in feng shui. That’s why having one at home may be nice. But it’s also essential to position. In an area that would attract favorable “chi” should be a water fountain or fish tank. But it would also put in the reverse a incorrect or unfavorable stance.

By placing in an indoor water fountain, you can also bring excellent luck to the home. This is because Chi is refreshed by water. At the same moment, as this also promotes wealth, you can throw in some goldfish. Just ensure that the pond is kept clean and that it never stagnates. 

While excellent fortune awaits, there would also be misfortune and poor luck in the incorrect placement. If you noticed the latter occurring to you after placing a fish tank water fountain in a certain region of the home, you may need to move it to a different place.

13. Activating Chi flow in the dining room

The best ones to get to your dining room are circles as this symbolizes celestial blessings. Even in number, the chairs should be comfortable to sit in. The decoration should be simple so that people don’t get distracted and focus more on having a nice dinner.

Make sure you don’t place your refrigerator opposite your oven when designing your kitchen at home. These devices can stand for water and fire. It can cause family members to experience frequent disputes at home with the two clashes. This is also the same with the stove in your kitchen opposite to the wash basin or washing machine. 

14. Applying Feng Shui in the living room to reduce stress from your workplace

If you have experienced significant stress in the workplace lately, your marble table could be a factor that could cause it, talking feng shui. You can either try to work your way through the pressure or the marble table in your home can be removed and exchanged for a wooden table. 

Color can also influence certain stuff in feng shui in the same manner. Having a red sofa in your living room, for example, can cause job stress, issues and barriers.

In some areas of the home, the color red that means fire just doesn’t function well. These are just some of the feng shui home tips you can apply to make sure the “chi” flow stays on the positive side of your home.


Feng Shui doesn’t have to mean using specific instruments to create a harmonious home for beginners. It’s enough to adhere to the fundamental elements to attract the correct energies to your home.


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