Feng Shui Salt Lamp: Get To Know Its Meanings, Importance And Usage

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This article instructs you to put Feng Shui salt lamps in the best places so that they can maximize their effectiveness and bring good luck to their homeowners.

What is Feng Shui salt lamp?

Feng Shui salt lamp is a product that was born from the combination of hands, the human brain, and heritage that nature has bestowed on the life from hundreds of millions of years ago, Himalayan salt rock. Due to geological fluctuations and stratigraphic tectonics, it has created such perfect and perfect salt rock. With 84 mineral components and the ability to generate negative ions are beneficial to the environment and human health.

If you have a salt lamp in your house, it will spread the shimmering colors as a highlight for the home more cozy and happy. In addition, salt lamps also bring the Feng Shui meaning of Asian culture, as a lucky object and bring home to the advancement of fame, career, family harmony, and happiness. Not only that, but the salt lamp also helps the surrounding air to be clean through the electrolyte balance mechanism, releasing negative ions to destroy positive ions harmful to human health.

With the above effects, you can put Feng Shui stone lamps in any location in your house. However, you should put salt lamps in bedrooms, living rooms, workrooms, dining rooms, around smoke-free areas or anywhere in the house that you feel necessary and can give you feel relaxed, quiet to think or rest.

How to use Feng Shui Salt Lamp?

Salt stone lamps are not used for lighting purposes but are considered Feng Shui town, bring peace, increase the prosperity for users. In addition, it is also highly appreciated for the ability to absorb air, balance ion, eliminate harmful germs to human health such as dust, bacteria, mold, toxins,… With its useful and unique uses, in recent years, the trend of using salt lamps for decoration is very popular with Vietnamese people. However, the increased demand also comes with the question of the majority of people who are and intend to use salt lamps: How to use the Himalayan rock salt lamp most effectively?

In fact, the salt stone lamp itself contains many positive sources of energy, so we only need to combine a few operations to help it maximize its effectiveness. Here are things to keep in mind:

The lamp should be placed in appropriate locations and spaces

With the ability to absorb moisture and toxins in the air to conduction exchange and balance processes to be a healthy environment, it would be appropriate if you put salt lamps in the “source” position. poison. It can be spaced such as near computers, near other electronic devices, in the collective living area (living room, dining room), in the rest area (bedroom, spa, health care area). health care, …), environments that are contaminated by smoke or cigarette smoke, etc. You can absolutely use salt lamps in the area for the elderly or young children because of the energy emitted from the stone Himalayan salt is harmless and can support effective health care.

Do not put salt-salt lamps in wet or outdoor areas

Because these places can make salty crystals watery when exposed to air. For environments with high humidity, you can light the lamp for hours to dry the lamp and give off healthy ion energy.

Handling when the lamp is crystallized (dulled)

If the lamp has a crystallization, there are lots of moisture around the lamp, you just need to use a dry towel to clean around the lamp, turn on the light for about 4-5 hours, it will be dry again.

How frequently can you use Feng Shui salt lamp?

It is recommended to use lights for a limited time as follows to help the lamp last longer and save electricity effectively. We will divide it into 3 time periods:

  • Morning: open the light from 4 -5h, then reduce the capacity or turn it off
  • In the Afternoon:
  • In the evening: it is possible to reduce capacity or turn off the afternoon light: open the lamp for 4-5 hours and then reduce the work

Storing Feng Shui salt lamp

If you want to store the light and do not use it, use the plastic bag carefully to keep the lamp from getting wet. If your salt lamp is over 10kg, you use a light bulb with a capacity of 40W, the light is about 4-10kg, you should only use 25W bulb.


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