4 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Feng Shui Plants For Kitchen

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Bringing nature into the house by planting Feng Shui ornamental plants not only helps air conditioning but also brings lots of luck to the landlord not only in the living room but also in the kitchen. Along with this post, you will find out why the Feng Shui plants are popular in the kitchen today!

The criteria to choose the type of plants for Feng Shui kitchen

To select the appropriate types of Feng Shui plants in the kitchen, you should consider the following requirements:

  • Feng Shui bonsai kitchen works to deodorize, purify the air (ferns, tiger blades, aloe)
  • Spices are used to repel insects (basil, lemon basil, mint,)
  • The plant works to bring a relaxing and pleasant fragrance (rosemary, pineapple)
  • Feng Shui bonsai kitchen room

Here are the popular types of Feng Shui plants should be placed in the kitchen.

1. Use edible plants in your Feng Shui kitchen

The types of plants that can be eaten or can be used to make seasonings for daily dishes. These can be edible vegetables such as lavender, basil, mint, parsley. These are all plants that have excellent healing abilities, spice up your family’s dishes.

2. Herb plants also fit for Feng Shui kitchen

Herb plants have a mild scent, giving homeowners a sense of relaxation, helping family meals more delicious. You can grow these herbs at the window to catch the light, making the kitchen space airier.

3. Houseplants that easy-to-live

Easy-to-live plants can grow well in any environmental conditions. You can grow tiger blade trees, yellow mussels, aloe vera, ferns in the kitchen. These are all types of plants that can grow well in any condition. These plants contribute to not only the natural breath of your kitchen space but also the highlight of the more impressive kitchen.

4. Air purification plants are best to Feng Shui kitchen

The primary function of these air purification plants is to absorb carbon dioxide or gas from the gas stove, helping the kitchen to avoid being stuffy and uncomfortable. The popular Feng Shui can include that is Italian orchids, jasmine, mint, ferns, and geraniums can absorb the aroma, clean the air very thoroughly in the kitchen.

Notes when placing Feng Shui trees in the kitchen

  • Placing the potted plants in the South should choose the plants with abundant foliage, which have the right talent.
  • Placing the potted plants in the East is considered to be the direction of the sand towards the kitchen. You can put plants on the table; they will be able to maintain good health for the family.
  • Placing plants in the west of the kitchen should choose yellow flowers; they will block the definite air from the outside sunshine.
  • Place trees in the North, choose red or pink plants to increase the vitality of the kitchen.


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