A Guide To Choose Pets Based On Feng Shui Science

Today pet plays an important role in the everyday life of people. It also has certain effects on Feng Shui, if it applies the principle of Feng Shui properly, it will bring much luck to the owner. Before deciding on which kind of pet to keep in your home, you should base it on two factors: housing area and Five Elements to choose from. 

How to select pets according to the housing area

For large-sized houses with fewer people living in

Housing is too large compared to the correlation between the number of people living easily and the energy condition of the gas is not effectively mobilized. From there, it is easy to form bad air. 

Simply put, a house with 3 people who live in a large villa, some rooms or alleys in the house that are less frequented can contain bad air because the energy is not circulated.

At such dead angles, it is appropriate to raise pets with a dog-like personality. Their running and running back and forth will help the airflow in every corner of the house to be well-circulated, to move away from the old gas, to get into the new gas.

In this case, the cat’s effect is worse than that of a dog, because cats feel places with bad air, so they will stay away, and cats are not the type that likes to run, and on the contrary, they prefer to lie in one place.

For small houses with many people live

Many small living areas are not suitable for raising active pets because the indoor air circulation itself is very fast. Therefore, good airflows are not retained, adversely affecting the owner and transporter. So, when raising active animals will increase the fluidity of the gas, the family is very difficult to financialize.

According to Feng Shui experts, these families are suitable for pets with fixed, small operating spaces such as birds, fish, turtles, white mice, rabbits … The operating space of these animals is small. , the effect on indoor air is relatively small, will not increase the mobility of the gas.

Select your pet accodring to the five elements

Breeding birds – for Element Metal

In the Five Elements, birds correspond to the Five Elements. Those who meet Fire who feed these animals will bring prosperity and prosperity (due to the Fire of Metal). The age of the Rat and the Horse are the most suitable for raising birds. On the contrary, the people of Tiger and Cat should not be raised because of the five elements of their destiny belonging to Wood, but Metal carved Wood, not good.

Breeding cats – for Element Wood

In terms of the five elements, cats carry onions of Wood. Those who have destined for Metal will have a lot of luck. Therefore, those who were born in the year of the Monkey and the Rooster (bearing the five elements of Metal’s way of life) were most suitable to raise cats. But those born in the year of Dragon, Dog, Ox, Goat should not be raised.

Breeding fish, white mice – for Element Water

In pet farming, fish are domestic animals, belong to Water, and white mice also belong to the Water element. Those who carry Water Element, you should breed one of these two animals and will have the effect of bringing fortune (due to Earth’s power).

In addition, the people of the age of Dragon, Dog, Ox, Goat are the most suitable for raising them. On the contrary, the one born in the Year of the Snake and the Horse should not raise.

Breeding turtles – for Element Fire

The turtle belongs to the Fire Element. Those destined to raise turtles will have the effect of promoting prosperity. Therefore, people of the age of Mouse and Pig should raise turtles. But people of the Monkey and Rooster are not suitable for raising. 

Breeding dogs – for Element Earth

In the Five Elements, dogs belong to Earth, dry land, have Fire, have Metal, and are very strong. The people of Metal who have dogs will be very good. Therefore, people of the same year of Rabbit and Tiger are also most suitable for raising dogs. In contrast, people of the age of Snake and Pig should not raise dogs.


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