What Is Office Feng Shui Poison Arrow And The Remedies For It

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The word arrows in Feng Shui refers to sharp objects bringing poor luck and adverse power. It cuts through all the beneficial chi or energy in an setting in a manner, like an arrow. These arrows are accidentally spread all over the globe, and if you’re a budding Feng Shui enthusiast, knowing what “arrows” you need to watch out for in life may be useful. 

Feng Shui Staircases’ Arrow

The arrow from the staircases is the most common arrow. Just attempt to find that room below your home’s staircase to locate this arrow. You will already feel all the heaviness from just standing there, not only from the footsteps, but also from the energy being siphoned off in that area due to the arrows of the staircase.

Avoid hanging out below staircases or putting living spaces straight below staircases as much as possible. If this is inevitable and you’re cramped for room, you may need to purchase some Feng Shui charms to avoid adverse impact afterwards. 

The Feng Shui Arrow of Architecture Complex

Complex architecture can look beautiful, but not necessarily good for company. If after you get the most out of your buildings and invite all the beneficial energy, prevent complicated constructions. We mean architectural models with too many pointed corners (e.g. star-shaped buildings) through complicated constructions. All of these arrows are truly harmful to individuals who are going to stand right in front of these arrows. 

The Malls Escalator Feng Shui Arrow

It may be quite difficult to get the correct stalls from shops, but here’s a thumb rule: avoid the stalls that are straight in front of the escalator’s bottom step. This is because the adverse arrow of the escalator draws all the energy and wealth and invites them out of the stalls. While individuals may believe that it is poor Feng Shui and harmful to one’s profit to position one’s self straight to where clients can view the shop as they alight the escalator. 

Attics’ Feng Shui arrow

You get the uneven roof shapes from the walls if you have an attic. Try to soften the arrows through hanging chimes and other Feng Shui charms from your attic walls. Attics arrows can invite more stress and carry adverse energy from the past, particularly if you use the attic to store old things. 

Irregularly erected walls Feng Shui arrows

Walls that are irregularly erected leaning diagonally forward can be hazardous. If feasible, avoid putting the bed next to the wall leaning region. This is where you’ll be struck by the arrows as you rest. 

There are other arrows in the globe, and from your immediate experience you may simply name some more based. Whether exposure to arrows can bring poor luck forever or not, Feng Shui’s practical side prevents problems and wants a bright room where light can get through rapidly. Just follow suit with all the other unseen components like energy. 

5 best Feng Shui office poison arrow remedies

Due to many reasons for designing or choosing the direction of the office, it is inevitable to see Feng Shui poison arrow in your office.. The sharp angle makes people feel like they are blocked by the throat, the air cannot flow, not only feels uncomfortable, but also creates pressure on health and working environment, greatly affecting the office Feng Shui.

From an aesthetic perspective it also takes a lot of effort to design, otherwise the office will lose the harmonious unity, so must find a way to resolve. Here are some solutions for Feng Shui poison arrow in your office.

1. Using wooden cabinets to cover Feng Shui poison arrow in the office

Keep a wooden cupboard next to a sharp corner, or fill it with a sharp corner or cover it. Make sure you can’t see the corner from your desk.

2. Place a plant in the office Feng Shui poison arrow

For an office with a small sharp corner, a large and tall bonsai pot can be placed here, note that it must be greeny all year round, whenever the sharp angle is covered, the office space will be “green”. For large Feng Shui poison arrow, it is possible to design the rack in the direction of the sharp angle, then stack some bonsais to cover it. All of these can eliminate the feeling of inhibition and the unsettled mood created by the Feng Shui poison arrow.

3. Placing the fish tank in a sharp corner in the office is also a good solution

Because the water in the tank can dispel the feeling of inhibition brought by the Feng Shui poison arrow. But the aquarium should not be too big, a large tank with lots of water will make it feel like water is flooding the office. Especially for offices with small area, it is not recommended to do so. With water, it can make chi in this sharp corner circulate in a roundabout way, which is not only suitable for Feng Shui, but also can enhance your office space.

4. Make the wall surface curve in the direction of the Feng Shui poison arrow

For example, make a wooden wall to cover the entire sharp corner, then hang the picture up to decorate this new wall. Should hang painting landscape painting, because we can use “the mountain” to suppress the feelings of insecurity brought about by the sharp angle, in addition to decorative effects for the office.

5. Hollow out the center of the pointed corner and design the multi-level cross

There are cards for wine cabinets, maybe for some bonsai pots, or for collectibles or for decoration, but remember to design the lighting system. So just to avoid a bad position, increase vitality, turn hung into sand, and also enhance the landscape in the office.


In short, to resolve sharp corners requires a lot of effort, research and thought to design in order to both achieve the goal of neutralizing sharp angles, and beautify the office landscape. Despite the arrow warnings, this is not to say that in our life we have to abolish arrows. The entire key to the arrows idea of Feng Shui is consistency and the capacity to place the arrows in a location where minimal harm can be done.


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