What Is Money Tree Plant Used In Feng Shui? Get To Know Its Little-known Meanings

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Some plants are believed to improve the power of abundance in traditional Feng shui practice, and are therefore called Feng shui money tree. A money plant can be an excellent option to display in your home’s money or wealth center, although there are other places that a money plant also enhances.

However, as with any symbols of feng shui in your home or office, it is essential to be smart about using a money plant and about your expectations. Feng shui procedures are component of a general lifestyle, not a health, joy, or wealth guarantee. Choose crops for your home because of their beauty and lively energy— and because you appreciate it, not because you expect them to fill in your bank account.

When it comes to choosing a Feng shui tree, you will need to make two decisions: choose the correct plant and choose the correct place for that plant.

The three common plants for Feng shui

While any healthy plant will do, there are three common feng shui money trees:

Crassula ovata: Also known as the jade tree, it’s an easy to look after succulent. It has an abundant, happy feeling, and in most households or offices it looks nice. Jade crops need a lot of light to flourish, so make sure it’s a nice match for your location. However, because succulents store reserves in their leaves, they do not require much water. For most individuals, this is an outstanding option because they can develop effortlessly. However, sometimes jade crops are prone to mealy bugs and other pests, even though they seldom kill them. Jade crops are long-lived and with time can take on a bonsai-like growth habit.

Pachira Aquatica (also known as P. glabra): Money tree is frequently referred to as this tropical plant. It’s a kind of tree of bonsai that can grow quite big. Several braided trunks and multifoliage leaves are its features. It also requires plenty of light and consistent watering, but not so much to leave water standing. Sometimes they are prone to scale insects and gnats of the fungus.

A feng shui money tree: often used in traditional feng shui practices, this remedy can be purchased with coins that grow literally on a living plant or on tiny trees. You’ve likely seen many times online these feng shui money trees. For added emphasis, they often come decorated with different crystals. Usually, Pachira Aquatica is the plant sold as a money tree with coins and gems.

Proper placement of Feng shui money tree

The plant of money tree is used as a remedy for feng shui to attract wealth and prosperity energy. As with any quick fix for feng shui, there are excellent — and unfavorable — locations in your home or office to place a money plant.

  • In most cases, you should place a Feng shui tree in the money area of your home or office.
  • Another right choice is to place it in the health area, wealth and health are two things that should come together.
  • You can also place a feng shui coin tree in the fame area, which will trigger good energy, thanks to the wood element of the tree feeding fire element in the area.
  • The worst feng shui place is in the toilet for a money plant. Also, showing your money plant in your region of self-cultivation or your private room is not optimal.


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