Feng Shui Money Gem Tree: Get To Know Its Meanings, Importance And Usage

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Money Gem Feng Shui tree – a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. In Feng Shui, Money Gem Tree symbolizes prosperity, bringing strong air sand to houses, offices or business shops. Does your home have a Feng Shui tree?

Effects of Feng Shui Money Gem Tree

The fortune tree is often made of ancient stones that are known by the Chinese as Feng Shui stones (quartz or precious stones, semi-precious stones such as Dong Linh pearl, Hoang Long pearl …), bearing a lot of positive gases. So Money Gem tree also helps the homeowners who are always clever and wise, very suitable for the jobs associated with financial investment to be able to acquire a lot of Tai – Loc as desired …

With the green Money Gem tree, it is often simulated as a simulation of a Jade tree (a tree that only needs to take one leaf to the wet soil, it will germinate into a new tree), a symbol of luck, will division and eternal youth.

How to use Feng Shui Money Gem Tree?

Money Gem made from Feng Shui stone, with many different colors, depending on what kind of onions are in the Five Elements, which can be placed in appropriate locations. 

For example, the Money Gem tree is made from white quartz: The white part of Metal Element so should be placed in the West or Northwest. If they are placed in the Southeast (the fortune area), it’s Metal energy will be in conflict with Jupiter’s energy in that direction. So when choosing a tree to bring home, it is best to follow the advice of a specialist at a Feng Shui store.

The Chinese believe that Feng Shui trees have real energy, so they often put it at the cashier counter, cash register … Some people arrange trees at the entrance to the shops, guest rooms to activate master energy on fortune or on the desk help the brain master.

  • Metal: The Earth encompasses and gives birth, and nourishes all metals. Therefore, the Metal Element people should use natural colored gemstones of mother earth such as brown, dark gold; should avoid red, pink, purple color.
  • Wood:  The Wood Element people should choose to display colored gemstones of the Earth. The energy of the gem is very good for the owner. The corresponding colors are black, blue, gray, smoky …
  • Water: The Water Element people should use natural gems of the color of Metal: white, light yellow …
  • Fire: The Fire Element people should possess the precious stones of the colors of Metal. Burning wood will produce flames, meaning Carpentry. The same color is green.
  • Earth:  The Earth Element combines natural colored gems of the Fire. When everything is burned, it will become ash, dust, earth, sand, which means Fire Earth. For Earth Element people, use these colors: red, pink, purple. The compatible season is dark yellow, brown soil.

What to avoid?

Money Gem trees can be cleaned and disinfected cleanly when they are dusty without affecting Feng Shui effects (but should only be cleaned on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar calendar ). 


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