According To Feng Shui, This Is How To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

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Based on Feng Shui Science, mirror (glass coated glass) plays a very important role in the home. It has a positive effect on health, economy as well as the luck of the owner. Conversely, when placed in the wrong position, Feng Shui mirrors will cause many annoyances and disadvantages.

Feng Shui Mirrors should be placed near the window

Mirrors should be placed near a window to reflect the natural beauty outside. Moreover, placing the mirror in the proper position will help circulate energy and indoor airflow easily.

Mirror decoration is also a way to increase the depth and space for your home. According to Feng Shui, placing the mirror next to the table will help homeowners thrive and have lots of luck.

Arrange mirrors to improve the spacious feeling

According to the Feng Shui concept, mirrors are symbolic of an increase in energy. Placing mirrors in positions that can reflect food and drink on the dining table, or where reflecting counter cashier, warehouse … will make indoor food abundantly, the job is prosperous.

Mirrors should be avoided at the opposite side of the house door, as it will reflect all the good air out to the outside, leaving the house with no good air.

Do not put a mirror in bedroom

Do not put a straight mirror into the bed, because according to Feng Shui theory, when sleeping should not let any light shine directly into the bed including the television screen.

Because it will startle you when you see yourself in the mirror when you wake up. And it will also make sleep more insecure, which makes it easier to reflex to where you are sleeping. It’s best not to put a mirror in the bedroom to help you get quality sleep.

Don’t put a mirror in the hallway or lobby

Do not place mirrors in the hallway or lobby, do not place mirrors directly into the room. Reason: this violates Feng Shui theory and will cause the energy source to go out, the owner will not get a good health.

Do not place Feng Shui mirrors in the bath or toilet

Placing a reflective mirror into a bath or toilet is like putting a reflective mirror into a bed, which will cause the energy flow to go out instead of creating a rotation.

Choose the direction when placing the mirror

The mirror should be placed in the direction of southeast, north, and east, because Feng Shui theory, setting the mirror in the east will help improve health, setting the mirror in the southeast will help the homeowner prosper and north works to help homeowners have a convenient road name.

The mirror should not be placed in the south direction: Because it will interact with fire, the mirror is seen as an element of water, so the water will be impervious to fire.

Do not leave the mirror straight into the kitchen

As mentioned, the glass in Feng Shui is considered an element of water, but the kitchen always has the fire. Therefore, this is the dark cavalry in Feng Shui. 

Types of Feng Shui mirrors you should use

Round mirror: Round mirrors and oval mirrors represent full harmony, so indoor mirrors should choose these two types of mirrors that are relatively less angular.

Square and rectangular mirrors: If a square mirror is placed in the house, it is best to choose a mirror with a frame, to avoid exposing it to the glass edge. The mirror size should be appropriate, not too big or too small.

Note that when you look in the mirror, the top of your head is reflected in the mirror with a large space, thus symbolizing far-reaching development.

In fact, there are many different types of mirrors, you can refer to the following types of mirrors to choose a mirror-like that for the family.

Normal mirrors: are formatted by shapes such as oval, round, square … with borders made of wood, metal materials …

Concave mirror: mainly used outside and produced to produce an upside-down image of an object.

Convex mirror: often used as a protective function, mainly used in traffic. However, they can also be used inside the house as part of the Feng Shui element to protect the house.

Note: for trigrams mirror, you should absolutely not use it in your home.

Do not do this when hanging mirrors, according to Feng Shui

Mirrors must not be placed horizontally on a flat surface or hung sideways, as this will make it easier for home energy to radiate disturbance, making life disordered and insecure.

Avoid placing too many mirrors in the house, because too many rays will cause the energy to tangle up.

Do not hang two mirrors facing each other, as this will make light rays reflect each other, not conducive to regulating and gathering energy in the home.

Care must be taken to place mirrors in a place that can reflect funny images, which will be very beneficial for good energy growth in the home. 

The mirror can be placed in relatively dark places in the house, to help these places increase the light, and invisibly subtract the bad energy and the air. 


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