How To Feng Shui A Master Bedroom For Luxurious Living?

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Applying Feng Shui to your Master bedroom

The master bedroom or master bedroom is the house’s most significant bedroom. The master bedroom can influence everything from the house’s harmony to the house’s finances.

There are four main variables to consider. What is the bedroom’s shape? Where is the bed located? In what region is it in the house? What is the decoration used? These all play a key part in the house’s energy flow.

The bedroom shape in feng shui is very essential. The finest room is a rectangular or square space. If your bedroom is strangely shaped, a room splitter can be used to assist keep a more triangular shape.

The bed should not be facing any kind of gate or protruding edge. These are both symbols of adverse energy and without shifting the bed, they can be difficult to correct.

You should also avoid having overhead beams behind the headboard above the bed or windows. Mirrors facing the bed also have a negative impact on the area’s Chi.

The perfect location for the master bedroom is in the house’s northwest. However, this may not always be feasible, and the Southwest is the next best option. These two regions respectfully depict the Patriarch and Matriarch.

It is important to decorate but you don’t want to overdo it. You can set up and energize the bedroom for romance, marriage, or friendships depending on what your objectives are. For luck in riches, you should avoid energizing the bedroom.

3 rules to Feng Shui Master bedrooms

In the master bedroom, the bed is an essential factor. People usually have a bed in the middle of the room, but according to Feng Shui, making the bed in the middle of the room creates many disadvantages for homeowners.

Firstly, the bed in the middle of the room, the four sides of the bed are all empty, creating a feeling of play with, immense, without a prop, surrounded. Secondly, making beds in the middle of the room causes the master bedroom space to be separated and too inconvenient to use. If the bedroom is not large, homeowners are also very vulnerable and stumble into the bedside or objects in the room.

Besides, the bedside or the end of the bed is not even more close to the wall. The Feng Shui conception that the headboard does not show, that is, the headboard does not close to the wall will have no shelter, no prop, so hung a lot of sand.

Feng Shui also said that the end of the bed must be against the wall if the headboard is not close because it can overcome the bad. There are several ways to neutralize, such as placing a cupboard on the nightstand, next to the wall.

Where to avoid placing your bed in a Feng Shui master bedroom?

– Headboard turns into the toilet: Direction of bed in the direction of headboard. The headboard turned away from the bathroom because the bathroom was clean to the point where there was still unclean air. 

– Headboard towards the door of the room: Feng Shui on the bed said that the room and bed are in conflict, between the bed and the door needs a screen room to prevent.

For the bed facing the room, the bed should be placed away to avoid looking directly at the door. In cases where the bed cannot be moved, it can be done like an ancient book saved, placing a screen between the headboard and the door of the room to separate it.

– Keep your bed close to the stove: Do not put your bed close to the oven because the kitchen is where the fire is cooked, usually very hot. In case the bed is close to the stove, the bed must be moved to another part of the master bedroom to eliminate sickness and pain.

– Place your bed under the window: According to the principle of Feng Shui master bedroom, the window is the place with the healthiest air and light flow, has a vast movement, significantly affecting sleep. The body’s energy is quickly scattered, so it is detrimental to health.

In cases where a bed is required under a window, the landlord should hang a heavy cloth curtain, especially when closing every night when sleeping.

The most appropriate position to place a bed in your master bedroom

Ideally, the bed should have two sides near the wall, or at least the headboard must have a solid wall or flat surface as a prop. Besides, the most accessible place to hide air in the bedroom in the corner of the room, which is very suitable for storing beds here, helping the owner ‘s fortunes.

If you can’t make a bedside table close to the wall, you can design a bookshelf to neutralize the feeling of emptiness but remember above the bookshelf to be neat, clean, not putting loose furniture.


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