Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo: Get To Know Its Meanings, Importance And Usage

The lucky bamboo in Feng Shui does not only mean longevity but also helps the homeowner to be prosperous and lucky.

The meaning of the bamboo symbol in Feng Shui

Bamboo is a tree that expresses the good traditions of his father from the past to the present, never fade with the years. Bamboo is one of the powerful symbols of longevity, symbolizing resilience to overcome all adversity and the ability to cope with the turbulence of life.

In Feng Shui, bamboo is used with the meaning of bringing health, happiness, love, and prosperity. Talent in hand, good luck is at hand if you know how to use Feng Shui bamboo properly.

Lucky bamboo becomes an indispensable choice in the field of fortune. Bamboo rising gas is used to create a space in the home or office that gives a feeling of comfort and safety. 

Moreover, bamboo also creates a fresh, cool and pleasant atmosphere for everyone. That’s why this plant is grown in office corridors, on desks, in retail stores, as well as in homes, etc.

You can hang bamboo paintings in the home, office to enhance the good meaning on. For the business, when there is the presence of bamboo in the store, it will create very good energy for the owner of protection and luck. Your business will pass through difficult and increasingly prosperous periods.

Today, some fashion stores and shops tend to choose greenery for decoration. They chose Feng Shui items as a few small bamboo trees planted in front of the entrance. This is very beneficial in terms of Feng Shui, which can help the store’s business and business gain many fortune. So, in order to increase your fortune, plant bamboo in your home.

The close relationship between bamboo and the Five Elements

Five elements have an impact on all things and bamboo is also directly influenced by these five elements of the Five Elements.

  • Wood: Bamboo stems are wood, ensuring the element of Wood
  • Water: Bamboo is a living plant so it needs to be watered so that it can be used at.
  • Earth: stone, gravel, clay in the vase representing the soil element.
  • Fire: tying a red ribbon attached to a vase or trunk. Red represents fire.
  • Metal: In order to increase wealth and prosperity, people often attach a metal coin and red ribbon or drop a metal coin in the bottle.

Determine the direction of placing bamboo to increase fortune and luck

Everything in the universe needs to be placed in their proper position. In Feng Shui, the location of bamboo plants increases the fortune . Important because, if properly placed, lucky bamboo can really help attract good energy sources for homeowners, help the fortune go up, the fortune comes. 

For business people

Feng Shui bamboo should be placed in front of the door or entrance gate or choose the southeast direction to activate the fortunes, boosting the rich and abundant resources.

If you cannot grow real bamboo, you can use some bamboo stoves to combine with decorative elements suitable for the Five Elements to create beautiful objects and hang on the gate to the store. It is also a way to activate fortunes in business.

To increase the energy of bamboo, tie a coin to the red ribbon and hang it on the trunk and branches of the bamboo tree. The harmony of the elements in yin and yang Five elements will maximize the active energy source, bring luck, fortune to the homeowners.

For every household

Lucky bamboo is best placed in the Prosperity area in the direction of Southeast to help wealthy homeowners. The eastern part of the house or the table that represents the family should place 3 branches of bamboo that are most suitable for activating energy.

In the living room: you can put a lucky bamboo in the southeast corner, east or in the south area so that the energy it attracts is doubled. 

Do not put the lucky bamboo in the bedroom because the yin and yang energy of plants is too strong that will affect your sleep.

For office workers

Place small plant pots on the desk to activate luck, convenient things, career up like a wind. 

Why you should not plant 4 lucky bamboo?

The number of bamboo trees in Feng Shui symbolizes different meanings of names and talents of each person. Are you curious about why you should not plant 4 plants in a pot?

The number of bamboo stems plays an important role in Feng Shui applications. According to Feng Shui principles, lucky bamboo attracts good energy to homeowners, one of many plants grown popular among many Vietnamese families.

Much of the luck involves bamboo coming from the number of bamboo stems that are bundled together or woven into a cluster. The lucky number of bamboo stalks determines the types of energy that the lucky tree attracts to your home and life. The more bamboo stems in the house, the greater the blessing of luck.

A single bamboo body: A symbol for a strong life

This lucky bamboo is a Feng Shui item symbolizing a strong, prosperous life. Businesses that rise like kites catch the wind, find many partners, sign many working contracts, and revenue from that also increases. It will be considered a particularly lucky thing when this bamboo plant flowers.

Two bamboo stems: Symbolizing love

Two bamboo stems are considered a beautiful expression of love. This number is also said to double your luck. 

Three bamboo stems: Symbolizing luck

Three bamboo stems are one of the most favorite number combinations to have in your home. It brings three kinds of luck for you: Happiness, long life and wealth (career advancement). 

Four bamboo stems: Negative energy

The number of Feng Shui bamboos in why should not be planted in 4 plants in a pot? Number 4 is a death toll and it itself has hidden misfortune, so you will never find four bamboo stems anywhere.

Five bamboo stems: Symbol for health 

Meaning of bamboo symbol in Feng Shui: Fortune in hand, good luck! Five bamboo stems are symbols that bring you wealth along with great health. You should be in the house if you want a healthy, career and financial body and mind.

You will have a brilliant career, growing relationships, and much more luck. Five bamboo stems reinforce five areas of life: sentimental, intuitive, spiritual, physical, spiritual elements, making your life more colorful.

Six bamboo stems: Attract prosperity

Six bamboo stems attract prosperity and advantages to achieve wealth more easily. They are often displayed in business locations, providing a golden opportunity to gain monetary wealth.

Seven bamboo stems: Symbol for health  

If you want good health, don’t have many illnesses, plant seven bamboo trees as the right choice for you.

Eight bamboo stems: Promote growth

In Pinyin, eight means “play”, indicating strong growth and development, consistent with the business sector. Moreover, 8 bamboo stems are also effective in improving fertility and therefore it is considered fortunate for couples who wish to have an angel in their family.

Nine bamboo stems: Represent luck

This is a symbol of luck and blessing for anyone who receives 9 Feng Shui trees. See also: Determine the lucky position in the house of 12 animals to activate fortune

Ten bamboo stems: Represent perfection

Plant 10 bamboo trees, your life will always be complete and full. Everything in life is like you envision and desire.

Twenty-one bamboo: Wishing for good health

This is the bamboo with the most powerful Feng Shui effect. It means that all the best wishes to you. The giver wants you to be rich and healthy.


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