11 Expert Tips To Feng Shui Your Living Room And Maximize Health, Wealth, And Luck

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Many of us still arrange the arrangement of furniture in the living room according to our feelings, meaning that it can be placed anywhere. However, if you care a little and know how to arrange and arrange the living room according to Feng Shui, you will create balanced, abundant energy sources. They will make the homeowner spirit refreshed and even suck your money into your home.

According to the concept of Feng Shui, the prosperous location of a house is usually located in the living room. Therefore, we would like to send you 11 tips to decorate the living room with Feng Shui to increase the prosperity and fortune for the homeowner.

1. Feng Shui living room rule: Your living room must be full of light

The first and resolute condition for Feng Shui living room is the light element. Your living space must be well lit, especially natural light. So on the windows, you should limit to the maximum the display of bonsai pots, flower pots obstructing the light source.

A bright living room will make the flow of airflow easier. The atmosphere of the house will become prosperous and prosperous. Therefore, when choosing paint colors for walls, you should avoid using colors that are too dark.

2. Feng Shui living room diagram: Arrangement of the living room according to Feng Shui with colors

The area on the ceiling of the living room should use light tones. Because Feng Shui learns, the roof symbolizes the sky, and the floor symbolizes the land. Therefore, the color of the ceiling should be lighter, and the color of the deck is bolder to match the meaning of “light sky, heavy soil.”

Moreover, you should not choose to paint the ceiling with dark colors, because if the sky in the living room is always dark, gloomy, the transport will not be good, making it difficult to do business.

The colors in the living room play a key role in coordinating all colors in the house. Besides, the color of the living room must also match the direction of the room. The color of the wall paint inside the living room should be cleverly combined with the light of the lights to make this space bright. Having this can bring prosperity, money, and luck to the family.

3. Feng Shui living room tip: The ceiling in the living room should not have horizontal bars

If the ceiling in the living room appears, the horizontal bars squeezed through this is a dark cavalry in Feng Shui. Because the design is so invisible, it will make the homeowner feel overwhelmed, heavy pressure, and unpleasant. When we sit right under the position of the crossbar, people will often feel anxious, restless, stressed so that the body will not prosper.

Do not worry if unfortunately your living room is attached to this taboo. You can neutralize by using plaster ceiling to cover the crossbars in the living room. If not, choose a light paint color to cover the crossbar position to help reduce the heavy feeling of living in this environment.

4. Feng Shui living room rule: Designing fake doors between the main entrance and the living room

For the living room with a small area, Feng Shui is very imposing. Therefore, to improve this situation, you should design fake doors or put a low cabinet to cover the main entrance of the house with the living room space. This division, or separation, will have the effect of “delaying pulse” between inner space and the outside.

At the same time, doing so helps the atmosphere after going around from outside to converge in the living room. Moreover, a subtle, clever shielding will also bring the necessary privacy and privacy for the room, avoiding detractors, looking at the eyes of the outside. And yet, creating a private space for the living room according to Feng Shui also means lasting blessing!

5. Feng Shui living room tip: The living room is not directly opposite to the back door, window or toilet door

Doors and windows are places where the air is collected, allowing air to flow in and out of the room. Therefore, the location of the living room must not be located on a straight line with the window as well as the back door. In simple terms, the design and layout of the house in the form of a front door and a back door is a taboo.

Because of this design, the air rushes into the house and then comes out immediately after the back door, unable to accumulate suitable gases. Therefore, it symbolizes the loss of money, money in the front door to the back door; you can not hold any cash. So please pay attention to this point if you don’t want to be “poor.”

In terms of Feng Shui, such a composition is called the layout of escape. In essence, the toilet space is naturally not clean, so the main door in the house must also avoid direct access to the toilet. If you accidentally committed this, your wealth will be severely damaged; the employer will make many mistakes when investing, trading, money has not gone to the house is gone.

6. How to Feng Shui your living room: Relocate the fortune energy in the living room space

As mentioned in the first place, the fortune position in the houses is usually in the living room space, even for small apartments. The necessary condition of a living room is that they must be clean, quiet, and stable. Typically, the location is said to be the most prosperous in the living room or at the diagonal corner from the main entrance.

Therefore, we absolutely should not hang mirrors in this position because mirrors are reflective, easy to interfere with transport, making homeowners miss opportunities to make money. At this vital position, homeowners should decorate objects with auspicious implications, fortunate to enhance their fortunes. It is best to place trees with broad foliage, full of vitality, grow lush all year round here.

7. About living room furniture

Arranging the living room according to Feng Shui can not ignore the problem of the furniture. Your living room must create a warm, intimate, harmonious, and united atmosphere. But the circle in Feng Shui will represent harmony and unity.

So, if you decorate the living room with items with designs, circular designs will have the effect of supporting and adding air. If you don’t like it or the tables and chairs aren’t “round,” try to soften their sharp corners using a tablecloth or put some bonsai pots around.

8. Feng Shui living room: The floor

When making the living room floor, you should be absolutely careful to make sure that the floor is flat, not sloped, there are many steps or too low because the difference floor represents the homeowners will encounter many waves in life, as well as work.

9. Feng Shui living room tip: Mind the location of the living room

The location with the best Feng Shui in the house for you to book the living room is the area close to the main door; this is the first place people see every time entering a home. Homeowners should avoid having guests come to the house to go through a series of corridors or go through other rooms before going to the living room as this will both hinder and dissipate life energy and affect much on the private from the family.

If you are living on the floor, a villa, the living room should be located on the first floor. The door of the living room (if any) must not be placed opposite the entrance of other rooms. The living room must be placed in a position with a clear view, airy, not obstructed by obstacles, and also minimize the living room set too close to the kitchen.

10. Even, notice about the shape of the living room

Choose the size and shape of the living room so that Feng Shui is a significant factor. Homeowners will base on the size of their home to design the living room size in the most reasonable way.

As for the shape of the room, homeowners should comply with the principle of Feng Shui living room arrangement, i.e., the living room must be square, the square itself will represent, symbolize the solidity of the house, and the destiny of the homeowner.

In case you own a long and narrow house, the shape cannot be changed; you should also try to decorate the living room according to Feng Shui. You can arrange a harmonious living room design by arranging your furniture so that the room becomes square and neater.

11. Bonus tips to decorate a Feng Shui living room

Once you have determined to follow Feng Shui in the design and layout of your living room so that they become beautiful and suitable for the personality of the god, then you should look at the Feng Shui living room and Note the following important things:

If you do not want your family members to be in constant dissonance, contradictory quarrels or clashes will absolutely avoid using sharp objects with sharp edges in the living room. Typically swords, animal horns, or even lamps with elegant decorative details. For the layout of the living room according to Feng Shui, this is one of the taboos.

Besides, there is still an item that will quickly cause dissonance for your family that is the picture of sense. Many homeowners with strong personalities often want to decorate their living room with paintings to show the strength and authority of the victor after each battle, or pictures with violent and violent content.

But this decoration is not suitable for Feng Shui of the living room, instead why you do not hang pictures showing happiness, warmth, and fullness, or a picture provoking family affection. The image of the country’s leaders is also a unique suggestion for you to decorate the living room according to Feng Shui.

Hanging watches in the living room is also an option that brings a lot of positive effects if you know how to hang them in accordance with Feng Shui. That is you have to set the clock to turn toward the door or turn to the balcony.

If you arrange the living room according to Feng Shui, they will help you neutralize the killing intent in the house, increasing fortune and prosperity for the homeowner.

Hopefully, with the above essential notes, it will help you avoid bad things and increase the prosperity of the living room in particular and the house in general. Especially with the apartment house, you can also refer to these suggestions to get the best living room Feng Shui room.


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