What Do You Need To Consider When Feng Shui Your Living Room Wealth Corner?

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In this post, you will learn how to apply Feng Shui principles to the living room wealth corner to maximize prosperity and health for the whole family.

Place Feng Shui plants in your living room wealth corner

You need to consider the location of the plant in the living room. If the ample space can create a separate place to place the plants, trees with different low altitudes. If the living room space is narrow, the corner of the room is the ideal choice to reduce the burden on the place.

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Arrange furniture wisely in your living room wealth corner

Air circulation is considered the most important in Feng Shui. Therefore, when setting up tables and chairs, you need to avoid getting furniture entangled in the aisle. This will cause good energy sources to stagnate.

For small living rooms, you should place tables and chairs close to the wall to minimize the feeling of insecurity in the space behind your back. At the same time, it makes gas easier to circulate.

Living room ceilings should not have crossbeams

According to popular belief, the living room ceiling is heaven, a place to protect and protect your family. So if the roof of the living room has a crossbar, it is a bad omen.

Sitting under the crossbar, derived from psychology, will make people feel worried and insecure. This also suppresses the air of prosperity, making it difficult for homeowners to face difficulties in every way.

The living room wealth corner should not be opposite to the bathroom

According to Feng Shui, the front door and the back door on a straight line are a taboo. This makes the airflow straight into the house and then go straight to the back door, leaving nothing in the house, symbolizing the money to the house.

This is a type of escape design, causing severe damage to the property of the owner, the way the fortune and fortune have no chance to float.


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