What Are The Problems With Feng Shui A Small Living Room And The Solutions?

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The ideal area for a living room in Feng Shui perspective

Depending on the area of ​​the apartment and your need, the most ideal space for the living room is about 1/8 – 1/9 apartment area. For example, your apartment is ​​100m2 in area, a small Feng Shui living room with an area of ​​15-17m2 is the most fit. The area of ​​the living room should choose the location in front of the apartment is square or rectangular because this will create good energy for safety, stability, and luck.

The most suitable Feng Shui location for the small living room is next to the main door

The most appropriate place for the apartment’s living room is the front of the apartment, next to the main entrance and will receive good energy flows. Feng shui apartment house living room is the central place to fill the whole house, always have to put in a first direction to receive the vitality. Right door direction here is often determined by the host’s fate. However, it is not recommended to set up a living room opposite the main door, which will quickly cause loss of property and insecurity to the owner.

The living room should not be placed too deep in the apartment; With feng shui living room apartment, the living room must be put in the place receiving the most light, including natural and artificial light, best room Guests should place near the balcony or large windows to create room for the room.

Choosing Feng Shui Colors for small living room

The principle of choosing a color must be harmonious, relaxing, bringing a sense of comfort and feng shui.

The living room is not only a reception place but also a place for the whole family to gather to relax and talk, so whatever color is needed, it is necessary to ensure harmony and relaxation to bring the feeling Most comfortable for everyone in the house.

When choosing colors for the living room, customers should pay attention to the overall tone from the floor, the wall to the ceiling, the feng shui concept, the ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the ground so the customer Should choose the ceiling color brighter, the floor selects a bit darker colors and the wall can choose neutral colors to ensure harmony and comfort for the room.

Choose bright paint colors according to the Five Elements is the solution for feng shui problems

Usually, homeowners often paint light colors for the living room to create a bright, clean, and fresh feeling. However, not all colors bring luck and fortune to the family but must choose the color according to the destiny of the breadwinner.

Place the TV properly in your small living room

Televisions should be located at positions 2.5m or more of the sitting area. Ceramics, pictures and other decors need to set the right azimuth to neutralize killing intent. It is best to display in the Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast directions to bring health, peace, and joy to each family member. 

In addition, hanging any kind of paintings to decorate the apartment living room needs to be suitable for the work of the landlord. For example, “successful coding” is ideal for people who work in offices, pictures of ripe yellow rice season ideal for business people …

Small living room floor Feng Shui design

The living room floor must be flat so that the family’s life will be smooth.

Small living room ceiling Feng Shui design

The ceiling in the living room must not have a crossbar. If the living room has a crossbar, homeowners can make fake ceilings with plaster to make the roof more feng shui.

If beside the living room with a balcony, customers can put a few pots of plants to create cool air, generate a freshness for the house, or if not, customers can also put one to two pots of plants Depending on the area to be arranged. 

Homeowners should choose a number of plants that represent intense vitality, positive upward, and oxygen, which are very suitable for living in the living room. This work will promote all feng shui functions of those plants, creating a flow of vitality and prosperity for homeowners.

How to fix Feng Shui problems in a small living room?

In order for the owner to prosper and prosper for the family, on the guest table, the owner can place things like gold-plated coins or gold bars, place the statues of Buddha in a solemn place, avoid placing them on the floor or left of the room. On the east side of the room, you should place a coin with a red ribbon or a wall of a dragon-headed turtle holding coins, looking at the room to the southeast.

We wish you good fortune, happiness, and peace with the above feng shui principles.


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