5 Most Popular Plants To Feng Shui Your Living Room

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Feng Shui is becoming popular these days. More people are interested in applying Feng Shui to their life with the desire to alter their fortunes and bring good luck to themselves and their loved ones. Keeping that in my, we want to introduce you 5 best plants to Feng Shui your living room.

The uses of Feng Shui living plant

With the right purpose as the first place, Feng Shui bonsai or plants placed in the living room, and stairs are used to decorate the house. With the use of bonsai in the house will make the house stay soft and more comfortable. Moreover, if you know the harmonious combination between design elements and decoration, bonsai will be a prominent highlight in your home, creating a unique home.

Besides Feng Shui elements will bring many changes for homeowners. The choice of Feng Shui bonsai placed in the house will significantly affect factors such as luck, fame, career, health. If we choose bonsai Feng Shui bonsai age, Feng Shui will undoubtedly bring much success and convenience in life for homeowners.

Here are five types of bonsai Feng Shui living room brings luck and most used. The sources of statistics coming from our partners are our stores, so you can rely on the following five plants that we mention.

Best Feng Shui living plant: Aroid Palm

Kim Phat Tai is one of the most famous living room ornamental plants, in this list is the first one we want to mention because the number of buyers is the most.

With its fertile and lush nature with its leafy leaves, many people think that this tree brings prosperity and luck to the owner when displayed indoors. Not only that right from the name also reminds the success of fortune for homeowners.

Best Feng Shui living plant: Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a Feng Shui ornamental bonsai living room has been very popular in recent years. Not only because the name of this tree is meant to bring fortune, money, and health. But the nature of this tree also represents the development of fame and fortune.

Honeysuckle is usually from 0.5 to 2 meters high, many branches. Double leaves are green, thick, shiny, ripe fruit 7- 7- 8mm, when ripe bright red, shiny, drooping looks very lovely. This is a kind of plant suitable for Feng Shui and is ideal for decoration in your living room.

Best Feng Shui living plant: Dumb-cane

Dumb-cane is a plant that has always been used by many people as bonsai Feng Shui living room. Not only strong in vigor, strong vitality. This is also a plant that can absorb the reading gases in the room as Formaldehyde.

The plant is very fond of shade and cold weather, if grown in moist soil, the leaves are big and thick, planted in water, the leaves are thin, white branches and stretched.

Best Feng Shui living plant: Dracaena fragrans 

Dracaena fragrans plant has green leaves, with white stripes in the middle. Flowers bloom when white or pale yellow, has a sweet aroma. Plants are suitable for decoration or as an indoor bonsai and landscape exterior to Feng Shui your living room.

In addition to the Feng Shui elements, many people are interested in this plant. The plant can absorb Formaldehyde, clean the air, remove the toxic gases generated by the greenhouse effect or by using air conditioning.

Best Feng Shui living plant: Sam’s Tail

One of the living room Feng Shui ornamental plants is quite a lot of interest. The tree has a strange shape, the trunk is plumped just soft, both strong, and is much concerned by the owners. Thuy chose to decorate the interior because she believed that the tree brought fortune and wealth.

A Sam’s Tail tree, if tied on a few red threads or gold coins, will become a fortune tree that everyone likes. Therefore, the tree became a favorite decoration of every house on the occasion of New Year Eve.

Above are five types of Feng Shui living room which are most used by people, we hope that this post will be helpful for you when choosing Feng Shui ornamental plants for your family living room.


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