How To Hang A Mirror In Your Living Room In The Most Feng Shui Way?

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Sometimes, hanging a mirror in the living room is not something you shouldn’t do, but it needs to follow Feng Shui principles. You should know how you can still use a mirror and yet not allow bad energy to flow into your home and affect your family. You can easily see that the mirror hanging in the room increases the area and creates light for your living space. Hanging the mirror in the right way also brings health and economic advantages to your family. This post will show you how to hang mirrors in the living room in the most Feng Shui way.

Feng Shui meaning of hanging mirror in the living room

Placing a wall-mounted mirror near a window that reflects the natural beauty is essential to circulate outside light into the living space. Not only that, but it also creates a sense of depth for the house.

Not only that but hanging the mirror in the house also helps you cheat the space. You can replace walls with mirrors or clear glass to create a connection between rooms.

If the living room of your home is narrow, you can arrange to the right of the door and occupy most of the area of ​​the wall to expand the space.

The direction of placing Feng Shui mirrors in the living room

To increase the blessing and fortune, homeowners can use the mirrors placed in the North, Southeast, or East to decorate their homes.

According to Feng Shui, the installation of a vertical mirror in the East will improve health status, setting in the Southeast will bring more economic positives and setting the mirror in the North will help homeowners have more luck in the karma.

When placing the mirror on the living room wall, you also need to pay attention to avoid placing the mirror to the south because this direction belongs to Fire, and the mirror belongs to Water. According to Feng Shui, these things shouldn’t be closed together.

Note about the height of the mirror

When buying a wall mirror if the mirror does not have a frame, consider that the mirror can best reflect its images in it.

The framed mirrors need to balance the height of the mirror with the space of the house. The reflection is no longer critical.

Avoid these placements for using Feng Shui mirror in your living room

The mirrors in the living room are not placed directly on the bed. For safety, you should put a mirror in the bedroom to ensure a good night ‘s sleep.

Mirrors must not be placed in the lobby or hallway: This is contrary to the Feng Shui theory, which causes energy to exert a negative impact on the health of the family.

Not only that, but the position of the mirror in the house should also be noted that the mirror must not be opposite to the toilet, or bathroom: such setting will cause the energy to go out instead of circulating in the home.

Decorating the mirror in the room, especially the living room is not a simple thing to follow specific rules. Hopefully, the above information will be beneficial for you in setting your own living room.


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