A Note About Feng Shui Living Room Fountain: Its Usage And What Should Be Avoided

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Feng Shui fountain is something that many families choose for themselves. You want lucky money flowing into the house like a waterfall, you should place a waterfall in your home. But be sure you know the proper arrangement of a Feng Shui fountain in the living room

The layout of the fountain in the living room according to Feng Shui

First, we know water is the essence of life, and they are also a symbol of prosperity and wealth. If a waterfall, they are not merely useful to decorate the house. However, according to Feng Shui, they can also use indoor waterfalls to stimulate the flow of energy. It is believed that water can bring good luck, especially to the career and financial power of the family. According to Feng Shui, a waterfall means: “Good rain and wind” for the home. 

According to the concept that all things are born and have to go through five elemental states of creation: Metal – Water – Fire – Wood – Earth, the Five Elements theory shows the interference and interaction of all things in the universe.

Where to place a Feng Shui fountain in your living room?

Here are some Feng Shui fountain directions that you need to pay attention to when placing it in your living room. Each course will bring you different benefits. Head to the East to stimulate elements of health and religion, Southeast if you want to pray for prosperity and wealth. And the North is good for career and fame.

Note that you should not put your fountain in the following direction will not bring good things to your home: the South. Because this is the direction of the Fire, they will be both conflicting (water put out the Fire) has just been detrimental to the career path of the homeowner. 

It is essential to move the water in the cascade to diffuse a good source of energy into space. Avoid standing water and scattering on the floor outside. And you should also avoid placing waterfalls in the bedroom because the sound of running water at that time makes you difficult to sleep, and also does not fit into the quiet and peaceful space of this place. Sleep is always the best thing for the air and health of your home.

The best place for your Feng Shui fountain in the living room

The quality of the water and the landscape arranged around them is also very important to the excellent airflow that the fountain brings. Muddy water or barren landscapes will reduce the Feng Shui effect of waterfalls if not harmful because of the “evil air”. 

When choosing Feng Shui waterfalls for your living room, you also need to pay attention to select the types of good quality and a smooth motor system, no noise that affects the health and psychology of users. Besides, it is best to choose the type that is easy to clean and preserve, so that you can choose the best and bring the most benefits to avoid too fussy. And you do not have to be so hard to clean that will affect the quality of the water.

To contribute to increasing the practical benefits that Feng Shui fountain brings to your living room, you should use more materials of stone and crystal, put more trees, increase the amount of ambient light. This is an excellent idea for your waterfall as well.


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