3 Little-known Feng Shui Principles To Set Up A Living Room Fireplace

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There are three principles you should follow when setting up a fireplace space to Feng Shui your living room

1. How to set up a Feng Shui living room fireplace: Create decorative layers for the fireplace

Create three layers of decorative layers for the fireplace. Decoration layers 1 and two must-have. Layer 3 decoration may or may not depend on the style you use to decorate the fireplace.

Layer 1: Central object

Choosing a decorative object becomes the focal point of a fireplace space, such as a mirror, a work of art, or a flat-screen TV … Whether you choose something that is central, it should also be the highest elevation in the overall fireplace decoration.

However, you must also pay attention to the size of the central object, so that the weight of the item is not too heavy affecting the lower part of the fireplace and it must be big enough to cover most of the wall above the fireplace.

Layer 2: Pay attention to the weight

Decorations used to display the right and left sides of the central object should be concerned with the size and weight of the object with the overall design. Decorations located in two positions of layer two do not have to be the same as long as they have the same weight. 

When selecting decorations for this layer, make sure that the height of layer 2 is smaller than the layer 1, but still ensuring the overall interior.

You can add different height decorations below the layer one layer. Use details of different heights to avoid creating horizontal lines in the fireplace space. Remember that this layer three must be lower than layer 2 and layer 1. You can use many different decorations or don’t use this layer three ornaments if you want a minimalistic design.

2. How to set up a Feng Shui living room fireplace: Principle of a triangle

When you follow the instructions above, layer one will be the highest, followed by layers 2 and 3. This way, you always create a triangle on the mantel and the highest point of the object. central body

Follow the steps above the layer. Layer 1 will be the highest, followed by layer 2 and then: Layer 3. This way, you create a triangle between the fireplace and the top of the middle ornament. This makes it easy to see and cover the family fireplace space.

3. How to set up a Feng Shui living room fireplace: Relativity principles

It is crucial to create a beautiful fireplace space. You will have to use fireplace-related decorations and each other. The subjects must have a meaning related to each other and can be linked together.

The above are three tips to help you give yourself the way to decorate your home fireplace so that it is most reasonable and beautiful.


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