2 Ways To Determine The Color To Feng Shui A Living Room

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Selecting living room colors according to Feng Shui is choosing colors that aligned with either your Element or home direction. Many people believe that when choosing colors in harmony with Feng Shui, will bring luck, prosperity, and health for the whole family. The following post will introduce you to some information about choosing the color of living room wall according to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui living room color for Metal Element homeowners

Wall colors with the Element of Metal are bright colors, iridescent colors. White is the color that represents this Element, so you can choose white living room paint as a top priority. In addition, in decorating, painting houses, to create accents you can combine with brown, yellow tones because these are the vibrant colors. These colors all bring luck to homeowners. Homeowners should avoid pink, red, purple because it is the carvings with Element.

Feng Shui living room color for Wood Element homeowners

Owners of this Element should use green tones. In addition, dark or blue can be used to represent the Water element. The homeowner should avoid white and iridescent hues.

Feng Shui living room color for Water Element homeowners

Black or blue “green” like blue, green, are colors that match the Element of the Water. If you do not like the blue color because it is too dark, you can paint a lighter color or choose blue like a small accent for space, not necessarily painting the whole house. In addition, the owner of Water can choose white and luster (Metal empowers Water). Avoid abstinence colors such as yellow soil and brown.

Feng Shui living room color for Fire Element homeowners

Should use red, pink, purple tones are the living room colors according to Feng Shui representing the Fire Element. These are all hot colors so you can choose as a highlight for a space corner. In addition, the combination of Green is the color of Element’s wood in accordance with the similarity (Wood empowers Fire)

Feng Shui living room color for Earth Element homeowners

It is recommended to use pink, red, purple tones, which represent the Fire, perfect for the Earth. Green is not the right color for homeowners with Earth Element. 

Choose living room color according to the home direction

  • East: blue
  • West: white
  • South: red, pink
  • North: gray, blue


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