3 Basic Rule To Apply Feng Shui Into Your Living Room Ceiling Fan

Today, instead of using air-conditioners, many families often prefer to use ceiling fans as a way to preserve natural airflow in the home. However, how to install ceiling fans to your Feng Shui living room? Let’s find out!

Basic Feng Shui rules when installing ceiling fans in your living room

It should be ensured that the position under the overhead fan is not a place where family members often sit or lie down because of the strong air blowing from the top. When living long-term under a fan, the health is severely damaged, and the spirit is also greatly affected.

In the bedroom, the ceiling fan should not be installed in a too low position, because the wind from the fan will directly blow out a relatively strong force, causing the transport into the house to be blown away. In addition, to keep members safe, ceiling fans should be installed in a high position to facilitate the movement and living below.

Do not install a ceiling fan opposite the entrance of your Feng Shui living room

According to the Feng Shui, the driver enters the house through the entrance, so if installing a ceiling fan opposite the door, it will cause the medium to enter the house, and the fan will be blown back out. So the fortune of homeowners will also be challenging to advance. Not only is it hard to reserve wealth, but installing the ceiling fan in this position also makes the homeowner because of the loss of money, and everything else is in trouble.

Avoid direct air blow straight to the sitting area

It is necessary to pay attention to Feng Shui when installing the fan because it causes many adverse effects. The first is to affect the health of the family members, followed by detrimental to the homeowner’s movement.

The fan blows straight into the body quickly, causing the body temperature to drop sharply, leading to the flu, even the weathering, causing a marked decline in health. In these cases, you might consider changing the fan installation location or using air conditioning to reduce harm.


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