7 restricted areas not to place Feng Shui aquariums in the living room

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In this post, you will learn about the Feng Shui aquarium in the living room and where not to place it. These 7 restricted settings will cause more harm than good to you and the family. So, you should avoid these and/or fix it rightaway if you’re already doing this.

Your fundamental goldfish or koi are the most popular fish to be used in a Feng Shui aquarium. They’re beautiful in color and very hearty. The dragon fish is also used in aquariums with Feng Shui, but it can be costly. Make sure that one of your fish is black and get no more than 10 in total.

As with any living animals, ensure that your Feng Shui aquarium is cleaned and maintained so that it can continue to provide you with beneficial energy.

You want to ensure that dead fish are immediately removed and replaced and that all plant are kept alive, green and healthy. To have a positive impact on your Chi riches, the aquarium requires to be in top shape.

1. Don’t put a Feng Shui aquarium after the Sofa in your living room

According to Feng Shui, Water is an unstable Element. Therefore, the use of Water as a prop for a salon is not recommended. Because the aquarium contains Water, if you put it behind the salon, it will create an unstable feeling. The ideal position in the Southeast portion of your room for a feng shui aquarium. This is the region linked to abundance and wealth. This is twice the energy of riches that flows through that region.

2. You should not place the aquarium opposite the stove, or heating area in your living room

The stove is a fire, so it belongs to the Fire Element, and the aquarium is Water. According to feng shui, Fire and Water will engrave each other. This will violate the cavalry in feng shui.

3. According to Feng Shui, never put the aquarium near the toilet

Placing the fish tank near the bathroom will create low humidity that will cause lousy air and affect the health of family members.

4. Never place a living room aquarium near the altar

You should never set an aquarium in front of or under an altar. According to feng shui, this layout will cause bankruptcy for your family. If placed under the altar, the aquarium will be dropped by the incense, leading to the death of the fish.

5. Don’t put the fish tank in the bedroom

You should not put aquariums in the bedroom because this will affect your sleep, make you sleep poorly, restless, and restless. Aquarium foaming equipment always makes water transport. For a room that needs quietness like a bedroom, this is not recommended. It will make you sleepless and often tired.

6. Living room doors are also a restricted area not to put your Feng Shui aquarium in

It is entirely impossible for you to put the aquarium in the entrance area because it will prevent proper air from entering the house. Therefore, it is best to place the aquarium in a wide area in the living room, not in other areas of the house.


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