Feng Shui Kitchen Rules: What You Need To Know About This Most Important Room In The Home?

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen plays a vital role in keeping the Fire happy for the whole family. Therefore, Feng Shui kitchen needs to be taken seriously. No need to be too picky, some of the following tips can help homeowners renovate Feng Shui for the kitchen, welcoming fortune into the house 

1. Consider the arrangement between fire and water elements to Feng Shui your kitchen

Feng Shui principles pays special attention to five elements: metal, wood, water, Fire. Particularly for the kitchen, the two main elements of Fire and water need to be separated and placed separately. For example, put the kitchen in a separate area, sink, refrigerator in a different area. This helps prevent the conflict of Fire and water, as well as avoids unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts among family members. If there is only a narrow kitchen, homeowners should use a vase in the middle to neutralize these two elements. Besides, combining the kitchen, dining room, and living room appropriately will help increase the area of ​​the kitchen.

2. Find the best Feng Shui kitchen location

The core of your home is the ideal location for your kitchen. The beneficial energy can escape if the kitchen is situated close the front or back gate. You need to place the kitchen in a visible place immediately when opening the door. Be it opposite the door or right next to the door. Do not place the kitchen opposite a wall or place a kitchen in the corner. If you must do so, the owner should place a mirror in the kitchen.

3. Place a vase or fruit in the center of the kitchen

Food provides us all our energy and keeps us healthy. The food has to be cooked in an structured kitchen that retains a nice Chi equilibrium to maintain this food energy positive and healing. The cook becomes more energized and advantages the whole family by having a well-balanced and energized kitchen. Flowers or fruits will bring positive energy to the kitchen. Homeowners can place apples, oranges in the middle of the table or the southeast direction of the wind. They are not only lovely to look at when put on your kitchen table, they also significantly boost the positive energy level. You should use yellowish-colored crops and flowers because yellow is a excellent digestive aid in feng shui.

4. Feng Shui kitchen rules: Keep the kitchen clean and tidy

Like the rest of the house, clutter should be kept to a minimum. Keep it as happy and hot as possible, as this is the very core of the home. Keeping the kitchen always neat not only ensures aesthetics but also related to Feng Shui. Dismissing loose objects, especially sharp metal objects such as knives, scissors, etc., can block a positive energy source. Homeowners should organize and store kitchen utensils after use.

5. Use cheerful bright colors for the Feng Shui kitchen

Unlike other rooms, you should only use light tones for the kitchen. Yellow and red colors are recommended for the kitchen. These colors help stimulate digestion, making meals more palatable. 


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