How To Setup (And Cure) Feng Shui Kitchen Stove?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, the area where the kitchen is located will determine the success of the owner, not merely as a place to cook. If you set the kitchen in a taboo position, it will significantly affect your health and fortune. Here you will learn more about how to setup Feng Shui kitchen stove.

Must-known things to setup Feng Shui kitchen stove

One of the first important factors when setting up a kitchen is to have correspondence with the door and height of the host. The fire was darkly set against the direction of the house. For example, the home turns north, but the kitchen surface becomes south is not favorable.

It is not advisable to arrange the kitchen too openly so that people can see right from the outside or let the street from the door stab into the kitchen because it is easy to disperse assets. The fire pit, according to the Feng Shui experts, should lean against the wall for stability.

They also asked to avoid sharp corners shining in the cooking area as this could harm indoor air conditioning. Do not leave the stove under the crossbar: under the kitchen with an oven, the owner will be lost.

If the kitchen is facing the toilet or the bedroom door, the health of the family members will be affected.

Traditional Feng Shui said that making the kitchen have to “bridge gas.” Therefore, the stove looks straight to the main door or after the kitchen has windows that are not healthy because of the fear that the wind blows off the warm fire to bring prosperity to the family.

On the other hand, the kitchen belongs to the fire, the worst with the fresh air of water.

Therefore, it is advisable to abstain from the kitchen to the north (the waterway direction), the second does not place the cooking table on the groove, the ditch, the waterline, and finally avoid burning the fire between the two fixtures that carry “water “like refrigerators, sinks, washing machines …

1. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from cooking stove set in the opposite direction

Kitchen set up in the opposite direction in the kitchen turning his back toward the door, for example, the south of the house is facing the north, but the kitchen is located north to the south, so it does not heal.

2. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the door straight into the kitchen

According to the traditional concept in China, the cooking stove is a place to cook for the whole family so it should not be too obvious, especially not to let the door look directly into the kitchen because it will lead the air from outside. Straight into the good, it will be lost, as the ancient man taught: “The door is straight to the kitchen, the cattle will be easy to lose.”

3. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the main door looking straight into the kitchen

Cookers should not be exposed, outside the main entrance of the house see the kitchen, of course not healthy, while standing outside the kitchen door can see the kitchen is not healthy.

4. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the kitchen facing the toilet

The cooking stove is a place to cook food and drink for the whole family, so need to keep hygiene. Otherwise, the disease will go to people through eating and drinking, which is harmful to health.

The toilet has a lot of dirt and germs so the stove should not be placed near the bathroom. Primarily the kitchen door is not located opposite the bathroom.

5. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the kitchen opposite the bedroom door

Cooking is a place to cook, even hot, should not be placed opposite the bedroom, thus affecting the health of people in the room, easy to cause illness.

6. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the kitchen close to the bed

Fire, when cooking oil and grease is not suitable for health, so the stove is directed towards the door is not good and the kitchen is close to the bedroom, especially with the bed is not good.

7. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstaining from behind the kitchen is space

The kitchen should lean against the wall, behind the kitchen should not be space (no closed wall). If the back of the kitchen is the main door for the light to shine through, it is not right, because it will be like an old book saying: “The kitchen door cooks for the light to shine on.”

8. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Put the kitchen in the water ditch

Fire and fire stoves, which are hydrophobic, water and fire, are not harmonized, so fire should not be too close to water. If the kitchen is placed on the waterline, it is not appropriate.

9. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from having a crossbar over it

The bed or seat above the crossbar is not good; the crossbar on the kitchen is not suitable. It is impossible to avoid family members who are sick, especially harmful to the health of their spouses, “under the roof of a kitchen and a female house owner.”

10. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from the sun shining sweet skewers

According to Feng Shui learn, the kitchen in the west, especially the kitchen cabinet is the place to cook if it is sun-soaked from the main direction of the west is terrible, that is hugely affecting the health of everyone in the house, for should be avoided.

11. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from getting sharp corners directed at the kitchen

Feng Shui experts learn that sharp edges are easy to cause injury, so abstain from having an acute angle pointed directly into the kitchen! A cooking stove is a place to cook for the whole family. If it is pointed sharply, it will affect the health of people in the house.

12. Feng Shui kitchen stove: Abstain from fire

The fire kitchen, while the sink, contains water (water), so fire and water should not be too close together; In particular, the kitchen is stuck between the two sides of the water, for example, the kitchen between one side is the washing machine, the other is the sink.


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