Feng Shui Kitchen Mirror: Dos And Don’ts When Using This Powerful Item In The Home

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In the kitchen space, there are places where adding an extra mirror will bring good luck to the health, affection, and career of the homeowner, in contrast, there are also places that need to be very taboo. Here in this post, you will learn how to setup Feng Shui kitchen mirror the right way.

What should you know about Feng Shui kitchen mirror?

Hanging a mirror in the home is not only used to look, look, makeup, and decorate clothes, but it can also help regulate the energy of the house, making the space more spacious and brighter thanks to the reflective effect — image projection. However, according to Feng Shui, not all places in the house can hang mirrors, especially in the kitchen.

In the overall house, the kitchen has a crucial role and is also the place to take taboos the most. The kitchen also has a direct impact on the health and fortune of homeowners, so the arrangement of furniture, decorations, especially hanging mirrors in the kitchen should be carefully reminded. 

Mirrors in Feng Shui are objects with powerful energy, which can create multiple sources of energy. The reflection of light rays and the display of images make the mirror randomly become a “focus of energy.” In the kitchen space, there are positions if you put a mirror that will bring luck to the health, emotions, and careers of homeowners, on the contrary, there are also taboo positions. 

Mirrors in kitchen Feng Shui: Do not leave the mirror in the kitchen

Mirror in Feng Shui is considered an element of water, but the kitchen always has the fire. Hydrophobic fire, therefore, this is taboo in Feng Shui. When hanging a mirror in the kitchen, it may increase the risk of fire or misfortune. Mirrors that mirror food in the pot are also a taboo.

Moreover, through the reflection effect of the mirror, two cookers can appear in the kitchen, it also means that there are two women in the house. In other words, it is possible to predict whether the husband has an affair outside.

Because mirrors are meant to be “duplicates,” you should not place mirrors in areas that are considered “poor” in the kitchen, such as garbage areas.

Where to put the mirror in the kitchen, according to Feng Shui?

The best position for mirrors is in places that can reflect food, drinks, and warehouses. This will help to increase the amount of food in the house and prosperity. Also, a large mirror in the dining room can “double” the food presented on the table, which also symbolizes “doubling” the wealth of your family.

In cases where the kitchen is too narrow or in a hidden position that does not receive much energy, a mirror can be used to widen the space and regulate energy for the kitchen. Note, the mirror should be in a good position, projecting from the right direction to the homeowner. 


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