15 Common Mistakes And Cures For Feng Shui Kitchen

According to experts, the Feng Shui of the kitchen is considered as a source of life energy of the whole family. Therefore, in the design process, the kitchen is often used by homeowners to spend a lot of time researching to Feng Shui to arrange and decorate the kitchen accordingly. 

However, many kitchen designs suffer from Feng Shui faults that homeowners or family members have not anticipated. Therefore, we have brought you 15 most common Feng Shui misplacements for the kitchen and how to cure it.

1. Feng Shui kitchen cure: The main door faces the kitchen door

Entries to the home are considered an attractive place for financial Engineering house while the kitchen door was at the warehouse. Therefore, if your main door is designed opposite the kitchen door, your kitchen has suffered one of the common defense errors. This makes the air in your home not converge but instead loses to the outside.

To resolve this, the kitchen door should be designed to deviate from the main entrance of the house. This layout helps homeowners not only attract more fortune but also can keep them in their home. 

2. Feng Shui kitchen cure: There is a window in front of or behind the kitchen

Many people believe that building a window in front of the kitchen helps open the kitchen space and helps housewives can see the outside scene while cooking. However, this is the last thing in the design of a kitchen room. This can cause the homeowner’s wealth to be often compromised because the weapon is not concentrated, but instead escapes through the window.

Therefore, you should set the kitchen deviation to the side from the window or replace the glass to minimize the sun shines on to neutralize this. 

3. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Above or right next to the stove is a pillar

The construction of the pillar is above the kitchen, or the support stands beside the kitchen, which is the Feng Shui faults because it directly affects the health of the hostess. If you cannot dismantle these pillars, you should change the location of the kitchen or use additional materials to enclose the posts. 

4. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Placing washing machine in kitchen space

The water element of the washing machine is engraved with the fire of the kitchen so that it will affect your home’s fortune. On the other hand, the kitchen is the home of the Kitchen God. The washing machine is placed in the kitchen; the dirty clothes violating the Kitchen God can affect the fortunes of the whole family. Also, the hot air emitted from the kitchen combined with grease stains accumulate for a long time will certainly reduce the life of the washing machine.

To fix this, you absolutely should not integrate washing machines in the kitchen space. Instead of Feng Shui, the location of the washing machine should be a dry, airy place that does not conflict with the fire area in the house. 

5. Feng Shui kitchen cure: The main door is opposite the stove

Currently, many people want to make the most of the available area of ​​the house, so they have simplified most partitions to prevent visibility. This makes many design houses open the kitchen door to be able to see the oven right in front of them or can see the kitchen from the living room.

According to Feng Shui, this makes the family’s fortune vulnerable to loss and loss of money. To resolve this, you should build more partitions or use a screen to separate the space between the living room and the kitchen. 

6. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Kitchen door opposite the faucet

If the kitchen door is opened and directly sees the faucet, especially when the tap is running, this is a horrible thing according to Feng Shui. Water represents wealth and wealth, so flowing water means money lost in the family.

In this case, you should change the direction of the faucet to make sure your family owns a Feng Shui kitchen. 

7. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Kitchen is placed between two water tanks

If your kitchen is set between two water tanks or your home’s water-related activities, the kitchen is getting the “mismatching one oven” error. Water and fire, if placed side by side, would constrain the house’s fortune. Therefore, you should design the kitchen position away from the sink. 

8. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Kitchen is located next to the fridge

According to Feng Shui, if the refrigerator is placed next to the stove, it will extinguish the fire of the stove, causing families to face financial difficulties. In this case, you should change the location of the oven or refrigerator to ensure Feng Shui for the kitchen. However, if the kitchen area is limited, you can put a piece of wood separating in the middle. 

9. Feng Shui kitchen cure: The shape of the dining table is also fundamental

The dining table is not only a place for meals of family members but also a place to absorb both human and talented spirit. To ensure Feng Shui for your kitchen, you should choose a round or oval dining table symbolizing the prosperity and solidarity of the family instead of the angular table style because of killing intent. However, if you want to use a square or rectangular table, you should avoid sitting at the corners of the table. 

10. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Wrong kitchen placement

Ideal location for building a kitchen is at the back of the house. In addition, the location and direction of cooking stoves are also crucial. In Feng Shui, the Northwest is the worst place to put a kitchen in the house. In addition, the kitchen should be placed in a stable prop to ensure the wealth of your family. 

11. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Furniture in the kitchen is not tidy

Due to the habit that most Vietnamese people try to store furniture at every possible empty position in the kitchen. However, according to Feng Shui, furniture is not neat is the reason that occupies the lucky place in your kitchen. Therefore, try to arrange them neatly to make room for new, lucky things.

12. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Store chipped dishes

According to idealism, scratched dishes in the kitchen can affect the feelings of family members. To resolve this, you should immediately remove chipped items and replace them with new ones to help ensure cohesion for the whole family. 

13. Feng Shui kitchen cure: Do not store sharp objects in the right place

Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, etc. are considered to be a factor preventing positive energy from reaching your home. Therefore, you should design separate cabinets for these items to ensure your family always welcomes resources to find.

14. Feng Shui kitchen cure: No adequate food reserves

Foods like salt or rice are considered to represent the wealth and prosperity of the whole family. This means that if you do not store enough of these food sources in the kitchen, the luck in your family will be less. Therefore, always ensure abundant storage so that natural resources will become more and more converged. 

15. Feng Shui kitchen cure: The kitchen is placed at the bottom of the stairs

According to Feng Shui, the downward slope of the staircase means that the family fortune will gradually go down. In addition, the dirt in the stairs can be easily concentrated in the cooking area, which dramatically affects the health of the family. Therefore, you absolutely should not put the kitchen right at the foot of the stairs to ensure Feng Shui. 


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