Feng Shui Kitchen And Bathroom: 6 Little-known Taboos That Can Hurt Your Chi

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Feng Shui kitchen and bathroom are something that is of great interest, because these are two parts of a house that are often close to each other, each of which carries out an effective as well as brings practical value, but almost opposite of each other. In addition to large houses, we can arrange and arrange rooms with different functions comfortably, without having to calculate much.

But for houses with relative area, small and medium spaces need to have detailed and specific calculations, as well as meeting Feng Shui and kitchen problems, so that reasonable, ensuring aesthetics, as well as avoiding conflicts in this space, helping the family to be well developed, bringing convenience to health, work, etc. for family members family.

Feng Shui kitchen and bathroom facing each other

The design of kitchens and bathrooms is very reasonable, but the kitchen layout is facing the direction of the bathroom, this is a taboo in Feng Shui because the kitchen is an In places where the host’s fortune is shown, as well as the warm reunion of the whole family, the delicious meals. 

Therefore, it needs to be ensured to be safe, contrary to the restroom. It is a place that contains many unhealthy bacteria (although we have clean cleaning). Therefore, the arrangement of these two places opposite is completely bad, will cause the impact terrible to the whole family, affecting health, or chirping, quarreling, etc. from there will lead to many other consequences.

Feng Shui kitchen and bathroom must not let the door face each other

Feng Shui kitchen and bathroom belong to two different systems, in which the kitchen belongs to the fire system, while the bathroom is in the water system, but the water and fire in the interrelated relationship are opposite, so when set up When designing and arranging the interior of the home, the two positions of the kitchen and the bathroom should be facing each other.

To avoid affecting family members, especially homeowners, will have many adverse effects on themselves, such as career, glory, etc. will be reduced. If we can redesign and correct the direction of these two areas, we should redesign, but if in case there are difficulties and obstacles that cannot be fixed, then we should use those. Partitions, or walls of wood, plaster, shelves, etc. to block between these two positions, in order to eliminate opposites,

For the kitchen, in order to better Feng Shui, we should set up according to the principle of reciprocity of the five elements, which is to add greenery, both to supplement oxygen and create fresh air. Batch, green, and greenery is the carpentry system; the carpentry will support the fire to be more prosperous, help the family to be harmonious, the health will be complemented, the spiritual development will help the work, study, fortune be better.

Likewise, bathrooms should be kept clean by regular cleaning, designing the exhaust system, preferably enabling sunlight to shine inwards to make the air cleaner, dispelling the inadequate airflow, and especially repair to prevent water from leaking, not to cause water loss, so that everything goes smoothly.

Feng Shui design kitchen and bathroom should avoid leaving the door opposite the main entrance

The door of the kitchen and the bathroom should be avoided to face the main gate, this is one of the extremely obscene things because the kitchen door that turns to the main entrance will consume talent, which will make homeowners and other members of the family business will be unfavorable, losing their fortune, financial losses, and leads to other unlucky things.

Therefore, the kitchen door should be diverted to another direction, as well as using items to block between these two positions such as trees, blinds, partitions, etc.

Feng Shui design kitchen and bathroom should avoid leaving the door opposite the main door

Similarly, the main door is the source of energy when, with good energy, is received through this place, and at the same time brings wealth, as opposed to the bathroom where the sound is produced, if leaving these two doors facing each other inadvertently allows the flow of good energy to flow directly to the bathroom, causing conflicts, which leads to bad things, while reducing the fortune of the family. 

It will encounter uncertainties, also affect health, etc. cause discord in the family. Therefore, when designing Feng Shui, bathrooms should be avoided, not to direct the bathroom door facing the main entrance, but should deviate, or create rooms and partitions between these two places.

Also, if the door of the kitchen and the bathroom is facing the main door, but it is not suitable for Feng Shui, it also causes a loss of privacy and discreetness, making yourself feel at all times. Insecurity, not being comfortable in one’s own home. Therefore, to ensure Feng Shui kitchen and bathroom, it is necessary to design the direction of the door with the main door.

Feng Shui design kitchen next to the bathroom

This is one of many layouts used by many people in apartments with limited area, but kitchen walls and bathroom walls together, or kitchen leaning on the bathroom wall is convenient, we need to analyze, as well as find a way to set up following Feng Shui. 

The kitchen has a fire system, and the bathroom has a water system, but the setting up of a kitchen next to the bathroom needs to be calculated as well as set up appropriately, such as the fact that the kitchen should not be near the door to the bathroom. The birth will create oppositions that will cause adverse effects on health and health. We can arrange sinks, refrigerators, green plants, etc. from the outside to minimize the conflict since then will solve the problem.

Arrangement of indoor stairs according to Feng Shui

When setting up the kitchen next to the bathroom, in that space, we should not design too many angles, dead corners, blind corners, etc. to reduce the conflicting issues, and the bathroom should use Warmer tones such as brown, gray, clean and clean, as well as the space, so it is better to have the sun illuminated, to help the space to be dry as well as to dissipate the urge.

Both kitchens and bathrooms are not located in the center of the house, as these are two private places, as well as creating psychological impacts on both family members and family guests. Moreover, as the kitchen will be a place to cook often, therefore, grease, noise, smell, etc. will fly all over the corners, other rooms will indeed not be interesting at all, at the same time it affects the health of all other family members.

At the same time, the bathroom room is also a place used to solve personal needs, so it is a place that contains many bacteria and malaria, so if you leave it in the middle of the house, it will be invisible. Spread all kinds of harmful bacteria to all homes, extremely detrimental to everything in the family.

In the middle of the house will usually be designed Feng Shui indoor skylights , because the middle of the house should be a place to share and distribute good energy, prosperity, and light and natural air to every nooks and cranny of the house, from which help improve health, additional luck, fortune, from which the new religion developed well. Therefore, to match Feng Shui, the kitchen and the bathroom are not set up in the middle of the house.

Some notes for Feng Shui kitchens and bathrooms are best

In addition to the taboos mentioned above, in the use and operation of these two locations we also need to note some points as follows: by bathroom in bathroom, so that it contains a lot of unclean smell, bacteria, mold, etc. so when during and after using, we need to pay attention to keep the bathroom clean, closed the door, in addition, should apply some solutions to smell create ventilation for the bathroom

As for the kitchen, should set up the exhaust system, or ventilation fan to help bring the mixture of food smells, spices, cooked food, live outside, will avoid dispersing the smell to space. Another time in the family. At the same time, clean the utensils such as pots, pots, chopsticks, etc. should not be left for long, it will cause unpleasant odors, as well as will cause the development of molds and bacteria harmful to health. 

These two areas should be cleaned regularly, as well as create a clean, dry, and dry space, thereby limiting the development of mold and bacteria, etc. helping the health of other family members.


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