Get To Know About Feng Shui Golden Carp Fish, Its Meanings And How To Place It The Zen Way

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The image of golden carp fish in Feng shui

According to legend, golden carp fish represents strength, courage, perseverance, and sacredness because they often swim upstream. And the fish that have surpassed the ball will turn into a dragon.

But according to Feng shui, golden carp fish brings luck, prosperity, wealth, and health. Therefore, the golden carp fish-shaped items in the house will help the owner of the airpower, creating success in business fortune. Besides, golden carp fish is also used to make good luck for candidates always convenient on the road of study and examination.

The meaning of golden carp fish in Feng shui

Common golden carp fish sucked coins or sucked pearls: Bring back the prosperity of the Bat Ba star in the Earth, in transport 8 is a promising Feng shui item that can strengthen the sand, Yang gas, suppress hung gas.

Fish drawings combine with many other graphics and patterns: It can be understood that “surplus” means “yes,” rich, abundant, leftover. Because Han Chinese fish is “fish” – the sound is “Yu,” which is homonymous with “excess” 餘 (excess). Therefore, fish symbolizes abundance.

Feng shui golden carp fish with jade or bronze or stone powder: Good luck for children on the way of learning and examination.

Lotus – fish: The expression for “continuous abundance” means not at the time of shortage. Because “lotus,” the Chinese word for “inter” is homonymous with “continuous” (continuous, consecutive, consecutive), “fish” in Chinese is read as “yu” (fish) homonymous with “excess” (residual.

Painting of the 9 fishes: Taking advantage of the homogeneity between 九 ‘tuu’ is nine, and 久 ‘chuu’ is long to wish for long-term surplus. In addition, golden carp fish is a symbol of perseverance, perseverance, sacred and noble.

Dragon golden carp fish: In the golden carp fish story legend, over dragon dance, golden carp fish is also a symbol of remarkable and famous growth.

In doing business, golden carp fish represents Thuy Khi, which is an abundant source of wealth. Golden carp fish is one of the outstanding items for both aspects of fame and fortune. Popular as a present for relatives and friends on wedding occasions.

Where to place Feng shui golden carp fish?

In the house: You can hang golden carp fish paintings in the living room and classrooms to turn the air, bring luck, wealth, prosperity, and promote the name.

At the office: You can put pearl golden carp fish statues on the table to bring hydromassage, increase fortunes, bring peace, convenience, fame, prosperity, promotion, and promotion.

DO NOT: Display statues or golden carp fish paintings in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Must-have Feng shui golden carp fish items with their meanings

Carp is the mascot of the air, disease, and calamity brought by the Second Star and Ngu Hoang. In addition, it is also a symbol of public advancement, helping to increase profits. Here are some popular carp icons:

Copper carp

A pair of carp cast in copper in the direction of high up shows a strong determination to overcome “dance” to “turn into a dragon.” This is a very popular icon.

Glass globe with carp shape

Glass globe provides wisdom, insight, and expansion of relationships. Many successful businesses, wealthy, highly educated, lawyers, politicians, like to place glass bridges on their desks.

The Feng shui globe is specially designed to cover the space, put on the desk, in the living room or business shop. Along with carp images, they symbolize prosperity.

This sphere not only brings intelligence, wealth, and fortune but also acts to overpower the weapons caused by the Seven Stars and Nine-Tails. That is also the reason why the logos of many successful companies carry this image.

Pearl carp

To make the most of the effect of “pearls carp” should be displayed in the sandy position of the living room, the cashier … Avoid displaying in the toilet, where there is a lot of evil…


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