Feng Shui Garden: Where to build and what to plant in this place?

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A garden can take advantage of Feng Shui and even assist alter your home’s energy. A correctly structured garden can be a location for elevating and energizing, as well as relaxing and soothing. This balance is very essential, but by using different crops, flowers and ornaments it is simple to achieve.

The best location for your garden, according to Feng Shui

Facing south is the best location to have access to your garden. The garden will receive the maximum exposure to the sun. Instead of a locked door you should also use an arch or open room.

Avoiding clutter is one of the easiest things to do in a garden, but this is a must in Feng Shui. Everything is fairly tiny when you first plant, and your garden may look a bit barren. As far as your garden paths are concerned, you should avoid straight routes and instead choose curvy, smooth paths made of rounded tiles. Evite edges in your routes whenever possible.

Feng Shui plants for your garden

There are no particular plants you should use, but a nice balance between colors should be maintained. Since your energy is increased by hotter and brighter colors, you should have them separated from your cooler and mellower colors to relax. That’s all right. You want to create sure that each plant has its own room to prevent you from ending up with a cluttered jungle.

Including the five Feng Shui components in your garden is simple and enjoyable. Water can be covered by a birdbath, some lights or torches are fire and wonders work for earth, clay pots and tiny rocks.


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