Feng Shui Fu Dog: Get To Know Its Meanings, Importance And Usage

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What is the Feng Shui Fu Dog?

The Feng Shui Fu Dog is a Chinese mythological creature with a dragon head, horse body, and carp scales. This mascot is also known as the Dragon Horse or the Feng Shui Fu Dog of China. 

Feng Shui Fu Dogs in European culture, known as white horses have a horn on the forehead and have 2 wings. However, traditional Feng Shui Fu Dogs also includes goatee, lion tail, and sawed nails like cattle. This makes it different from a normal horse.

 The Feng Shui Fu Dog brought good omen and strong and good feng shui energy, protecting your family from all disasters. Fu Dogs are very loyal to their owners and will protect the house from evil spirits. Therefore, Feng Shui Fu Dog has a higher royal status than other feng shui items.

Feng Shui Fu Dog is one of four noble mascots: Long, Lan, Quy, Phung. Lan is a child, and the male is called Ky, collectively called Ky Lan.

The Fu Dog has a half-half Dragon Animal because there is only one horn, so no one can hit anyone. This horn is considered the embodiment of Tu Tam.

Meaning, the effect of Feng Shui Fu Dog

Feng Shui Fu Dogs are feng shui items that bring wealth, promote status and fortune for the owner. With dragon head and horse body, Fu Dog is a unique combination between the best qualities of both these good animals. Some noble symbols that it holds in feng shui are strength, courage, high aspirations, a sense of competition, well-being and determination. 

Fu Dogs have Dragon heads, liberate the universe, practice success, long life, and wisdom. Carp scales on its back are said to bring good fortune to your home or business.

Feng Shui Fu Dog statue exorcism, increase blessing for the family, will protect the house against all forms of evil trying to penetrate and disperse the effects of bad intentions from neighbors. It will rejuvenate the flow of energy sources, replacing negative energy with positivity. In addition, a pair of Feng Shui Fu Dogs in the house symbolizes that your family will welcome healthy children. 

What age does Feng Shui Fu Dogs match? 

The Feng Shui Fu Dog brings good luck, not only promotes the advancement career but also is a wall, can spend the ear, disarm, follow the evil, avoid the sand,… Therefore, Fu Dogs are chosen by many people as gifts or exhibits in the house. 

Being a beast that is famous for its “mind”, horoscopes, Feng Shui Fu Dog is suitable for most of the age of armor. However, in order to achieve high feng shui efficiency, the destiny of Kim, Moc; Especially the Ox age should use this feng shui item.

  • Metal Element: Using the Fu Dog helps the career become more successful and successful.
  • The Destinyman: Using the Fu Dog to move the fortune, will bring good luck.
  • Age of Ox: Using Fu Dogs to neutralize demons during the period, will bring peace and sorrow. 

How to clear and use Feng Shui Fu Dogs?

According to the Perpetual Calendar, the unification of the Feng Shui Fu Dogs can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Rinse the Feng Shui Fu Dog statue with special water (five spices).
  • Step 2: Dry it and leave the ashram, incense, candles, water or alcohol.
  • Step 3: Take the red cloth to cover the eyes.
  • Step 4: Catch the seal and read the opening notes.

After the clearing, how to use Ky Lan, please see more details in the article: How to open and use feng shui Feng Shui Fu Dog to always have luck, prosperity, great rich Dai sand?

What to avoid when using Feng Shui Fu Dogs?

1. Avoid touching, touching or letting other people touch, touch the talented parts of the Feng Shui Fu Dog are eyes, nose, teeth, mouth, horns. This harms Feng Shui Fu Dogs and brings unfortunate things to the owner because they are like souls.

2. Avoid dropping it into unclean, dirty places. This is also considered an easy action to bring misfortune to users.

3. Avoid giving, giving or selling Feng Shui Fu Dogs used to others. This action is no different from bringing luck and fortune to others.

4. If not using Feng Shui Fu Dogs, the best way is to keep them clean in a box or bag. Thus, when reused, the power of it continued to be promoted.5. Do not place a turn around in the house. Having to place the Feng Shui Fu Dog to turn his head out, this concept represents the fact that Fu Dogs go out to earn a fortune for their owners.

6. Do not set the cycle of turning the mirror into the mirror to violate the sight. The mirror image of the Feng Shui Fu Dog in the mirror will bring about a kind of killing intent that adversely affects the life of its owner.

7. Do not set a Feng Shui Fu Dog to turn his head on the bed because it will make the owner sleep badly.


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