Feng Shui Dragon: A Powerful Icon Since Ancient Times And How To Apply It In Your Modern Day

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The image of Dragon in Feng shui

The images of dragons known or chosen to display for the purpose of cultivating the feng shui are the paintings, bronze reliefs, cubic figures. In which, bronze reliefs or bronze dragon statues are often those Feng shui gas brings the most powerful effect. More importantly, the image of the dragon must show the gentle and gentle character, if it is a strong image, it will not reveal the evil and evil side, but on the contrary, it must be temperate but imposing. Abstain from choosing monstrous dragon images, evil, baring fangs, twisted bodies … these images are called bad.

Do not choose the three dragon image but only choose the image of a dragon with fruit in your mouth; If there are two dragons, there must be fruits in the middle of 2 dragons, called dragon dragons. The color of the dragon should be chosen as yellow because the Dragon – dragon in 12 causes belongs to the earth, yellow.

Where to place Feng shui dragon to maximize its effects?

It is recommended to place dragon relief paintings or dragon statues on the left, right of the hall, or the living room or office of the highest leader of the house or homeowner of the house. Because when the dragon image is arranged, it is a way to express the authority of the head and auspicious in diplomatic relations, facilitating the interaction and help or cooperation, avoiding bad luck.

It is recommended to put dragon relief paintings on the opposite wall of the person sitting with the dragon head turned to the side to be a graceful show of authority, create good luck in relations or re-create a good and favorable relationship with subordinates, employees, subordinates.

  • Placing dragon statues on a desk to activate positive effects makes it more effective or more respectable for the leader or authority of the leader.
  • The green dragon works very well when placed in the East (the Royal Palace).
  • Golden Dragon is very good when it comes to activating Tai Lộc palace (Southeast).
  • Place a dragon near an open space with no obstacles.
  • The dragon head should be directed at the house, avoiding the direction of windows or doors.
  • Put the dragon in your luck / best direction. It is possible to find a lucky direction by calculating the number of monsters.
  • Place the dragon in the position of the star of the current year. Please locate the shining star this year. This position varies from year to year, so you will also have to change the direction of the dragon each year.


  • Do not place feng shui dragons in places with low energy sources such as bathrooms, rooms for furniture or garage.
  • Do not use dragons with too many numbers, up to 5 children.
  • Do not place them too high for eye level.

Feng shui dragon in office

Cavalry put the dragon image behind the person sitting because if you put the dragon image in this position, it will affect the kingship or power is overpowered or controlled. This is not good for using feng shui benefits. There is never the image of a dragon looking opposite the sitting person, ie, the dragon opposes the face of the owner or leader. This position is detrimental to the person sitting opposite the image.


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