4 Tips To Feng Shui Your Cubicle For Maximum Productivity

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Much of our life are spent at the workplace, so having a positive-energized job atmosphere can be very useful. If your office is correctly set up to take advantage of the feng shui energies, you can achieve greater productivity rates as well as enhance relationships with employees and management. You may even appreciate going to work.

Mind your seat in a Feng Shui way

Seating in feng shui is very essential. If you sit facing a wall, it’s a sign of an enhancement obstacle. Some measures to take in this scenario to enhance your Chi are to hang up a landscape image on the wall.

Your cubicle wall color should follow Feng Shui principles

It is suggested to paint a mountain or phoenix, but there should be no water in the image.

Feng shui advises going to the wall to your back. This is regarded very poor luck if your back is at a gate.

Remove Feng Shui clutter from your cubicle

Whenever necessary, clutter should be prevented. You can become much more effective by maintaining your desk clear and clean and there will be much more beneficial energy in your workspace.

Eliminate all sharp things from your cubicle

This is the worst thing possible if you sit at your desk and have sharp edges pointing towards you. Try to transfer to a separate place if it’s the edge of a wall. If it’s office machinery corners or anything that can be shifted, hold every edge or corner pointing to you anywhere but. Edges send damaging sharp chi in your direction, and the result is nothing excellent.


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