What Is Chinese Feng Shui Coin And Its Powerful Meanings?

Chinese feng shui coins, antique or replica, are a traditional sign of wealth and power. A cluster or string of them at an auspicious place can ramp up your business or home’s positive chi and prosperity.

Feng shui coin meanings

Four characters are written on the front of the coins, the yang side, alongside the opening’s four sides, which is the side that should always be faced when the feng shui coins are used. Each coin’s back, the yin side, has two or maybe blank characters. Yang characters indicate the emperor’s dynasty and feeling— common words of calligraphy are peace, prosperity, and safeguard.

What type of coin used in Feng shui?

Using replica coins for feng shui is okay; it is necessary to clean used or antique coins before putting them in place. One way to clear the coins of old energy is to set them for a full day or night in the sunlight or moonlight. Another way to cleanse is to clean them with water-soaked in crystals. Keep replica coins freshly minted, or real antique coins dusted so that they remain strongly attracted to beneficial energy.

Gold replica coins have the same symbolism of feng shui as the duller metals. What is essential is the metal itself. The sturdy metal element holds energy for wealth and safety; feng shui cures are not suitable for resin or plastic lucky coins.

How to use Feng shui coins?

The most popular use of feng shui Chinese coins is to attract prosperity and monetary energy. Another everyday use of feng shui coins is as protection and cure for decent luck. Sure these energies go together, aren’t they? Of course, when an individual achieves economic stability, he or she feels more protected and fortunate!

Lucky coins are appealing feng shui charms and cures that can be used to promote wealth energy and excellent fortune in a variety of respects. In groups of three, count your blessings and spread the riches around. Give your children a fortunate coin as a Chinese New Year tradition in a red envelope. Be sure that the appearance and place look and feel correct for you when putting the coins, to maximize the reception of good energy. And don’t forget to feed your frog with your coins. A fat three-legged frog stuffed with a coin in his mouth is a happy prosperity harbinger and a reminder to be grateful for abundance.

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