Unexpected Ways To Use Feng Shui Coin Necklaces To Flow Good Chi To Your Body

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How to use Feng shui coin necklace?

Feng shui coin necklace can be worn or left in your wallet. The important thing is that you must always carry with you to promote the effects. You must not let anyone borrow or steal the necklace.

How to preserve energy in Feng shui coin necklace?

The necklace must be appropriately preserved to retain the power to attract money and bring good luck. If you don’t, the effect would be worn out fast, time over time. Here are some tips to keep your Feng shui necklace in good condition:

  • Put it in your pocket, neck, or your purse or fragrant bag.
  • Feng shui coin necklace room must be clean, should not contain dirt.
  • The coin needs time to develop its strength, and efficiency depends on your beliefs. If you lose faith and do not wear Feng shui coin necklace anymore, the effect of lucky draw and money will not eventually come.
  • The charm only works for its owner, so you must not let anyone steal, or give it to others, without inheriting it.
  • You can cede the Feng shui coin necklace charm to others, but you must give the right to inherit the coin to them.
  • If it is a gift, you should order a new Feng shui coin necklace coin.

How to make Feng shui coin necklace?

Though it’s not recommended to home-make your necklace, feel free to check out this video to learn it step-by-step.


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