Feng Shui Cicada: Learn More About Its Symbolic Meanings And How To Apply It Into Your Home

The feng shui cicada (jade meditation) has long been an iconic item with many symbolic meanings, so it is very popular in feng shui. 

What is feng shui cicada?

Cicadas feng shui or pearl meditation (mites jade) is an item of feng shui is very loved by meaningful symbols sacred and blessed. According to documents recorded, the jade meditation appeared at the earliest time in the Neolithic period and became widespread in the Shang Dynasty. 

At this time, the meditative jade is used as jewelry but the pearl is not good because it is almost mixed with stone, making the carvings very rough. Along with the development of religious beliefs, in the Han Dynasty, feng shui meditative jade is often used as a corpse according to the dead. 

Because people believe that this pearl cicada can help eliminate evil for those who live, protect and help the dead to become enlightened. At this time, the majority of meditating jewels were crafted with more neat and detailed carved lines. The body of the tick has a rhombus, the tips of the wing and abdomen are engraved with submerged features, the wings on the back are symmetrical like the lungs. 

It is because of the way of carving without any redundancy of the Han Dynasty, this item is also called “Han bowl”.

By the Ming Dynasty, feng shui meditative jade was carved with rough and deeper lines, the stomach was quite thick, the wings were thin. On the wing of the tick is also carved with fine lines, looking like transparent, lifelike.

In the Qing Dynasty, jade meditation became more sophisticated and detailed. The two eyes are long and small, the wings have patterns, the legs are folded. Because of such meticulous carvings, the meditative jade is very popular for decoration.

The Legends of feng shui cicada

The ancients have the notion that the deceased if buried with jade meditation, will help the soul of the dead to be reborn, free from dirt and dirt and reach a better world.

Therefore, the wealthy families in the past often practiced burial after death with jade with cicada-shaped carvings and placed on the cover of mandarin. 

For the living, the molting cicada image has the metaphor meaning for rebirth, so the cicada is considered a symbol of long life, peaceful life, and eternal youth.

The origin of this symbolic meaning comes from an ancient legend: Legend has it that there was an extremely kind queen, doing many good works to help people help the country to make people extremely grateful. After her death, she reincarnated into a cicada.

It is the reincarnation of the veil that helps the queen never grow old because her behavior is always molting after summer. From here, cicadas become a symbol of human youth. 

The meaning of feng shui cicada

Ngoc feng shui meditation has many sacred meanings and most come from the customs of the ancients. Before molting, mites often live in dirt and dirt. After molting, they turn into mites and then fly up to high branches and only drink early morning dew, not eating anything.

The act of escaping the mud, living in the mud without stinking the mud of the mite makes the ancient people love this insect. It is because of the metaphor for rebirth and is often enslaved according to the deceased, so the cicadas of jade become the symbol of purity and high bar.  

In addition, male cicadas have parts that emit sounds at the bottom of the abdomen, the ticks are very loud and resound. The ancient people said that the sound of cicada symbolizes persistence, so the Chinese dictionary appears from the “inter-meditation”, meaning that it never stops.

Not only that, in Chinese, cicadas also have the name “tri willow”. This “tri” word is in the word “knowledge”, indicating understanding and learning. 

Therefore, the concept of having a meditator in the house or bringing it with people will help children to be smart, study well, pass exams smoothly and become famous.

In addition to symbolizing longevity and strong vitality, it is also said that feng shui jade also acts as a “talisman” that will cover, protect wearers from bad problems and bad luck.

Effects of feng shui cicadas

With these beautiful meanings above, meditating jade has become a feng shui sand artifact that many people choose. So what is the specific effect of cicadas in feng shui? The following information will answer this question to help you.

Pray for profit (business) or passing exams (student)

If there is a child in school or preparing for examinations, jade meditation is a feng shui item that is good for a child’s education. Placing meditative jade on the desk of young children in the home will help children to strive for good results, continuous progress, passing exams.

If you wear a cicada-shaped pearl on your body, it will bring similar effects. Wearing meditative jewels in the person who took the exam also helped the students to gain more confidence and to make sure they were able to do their homework and bring good results as desired.

Some folk notions also said that if a girl has a lazy daughter in her family, she should wear jade meditation to help the girl to work hard and have a better life orientation.

Protection from danger

Because it is likened to a “talisman that helps protect people from danger and unfortunate things, the meditative jade also works to protect the wearer from conspiracies and harms.

Especially in the workplace environment, jade meditation also has a very special meaning. Employees who want to stay away from their subordinates to put things in place, colleagues’ bad intentions or jealousy of managers who can wear crocodile-shaped pendants will avoid these problems.

Prevent from aging

Women can put meditative jade at the dressing table or desk to help dispel all sorrows, be young and happy.

How to choose feng shui cicadas? 

Currently, feng shui cicada is sold very widely on the market with many different styles and materials. There are types made from jade, which are made from precious or semi-precious stones.

However, jade meditation from jade is said to bring the best effect. When choosing feng shui meditation pearl, attention should be paid to the five elements of fate as any feng shui item. 

Five elements have a mutual relationship, closely interrelated to each other so in order to avoid unfortunate things, it is necessary to be careful when choosing the colors of the meditative jade accordingly.


According to the five elements, Earth gives birth to Kim, so the one who best lives Kim should wear feng shui meditative jade with the color of the Earth. These are the colors: earth brown, yellow or colored in harmony with my Kim is recorded, gray, white.


Ancient people conceived everything when burning away and losing will return to the motherland, so Fire gives birth to Earth. The destiny of the Earth should choose the color of the meditative jade of the Martyrs’ Passion. It is purple, red, pink or colored in harmony with his Earth action, which is earthy brown, yellow.


In the Five Elements, Metal empowers Water, so people with the birth element of Metal should choose the colors that correspond to his destiny to be lucky, the fortune that comes to him. 

Therefore, Water should choose the meditative jade of Metal’s color, which is gray, white, or colored in harmony with his Water element, which is blue and black.


Carpentry born Fire by burning wood will produce fire. Therefore, the people of Fire should choose the color of feng shui jade according to the color of onion, ie green or color in harmony with their fire is purple, red, pink.


The Wood birth element cannot be without water so in the Five Elements, Aquatic Life. The bearer of Wood wants to choose the meditative jade to bring good luck to himself, so he selects the colored pearl of the Water element to stay healthy and develop. These are the blue, black colors of the Water element or the green color that matches with one’s own onions.

How to preserve feng shui cicada power in jade jewelry?

As a precious feng shui item, it is necessary to use and preserve the meditative jade properly to keep their original beauty. Meditation is always beautiful and bright will help them maximize their use for the user. Here are some suggestions on how to preserve meditative jade so you can refer to:

How to clean:

Jade meditation is meticulously carved with details so the surface is often uneven. This makes dirt, sandy soil easy to stick to the slots, very difficult to clean. You can use soft cotton to soak the hair conditioner (or other oils that are fine) to gently clean the meditative jade. When finished to dry naturally, the meditative jade will become as beautiful and shiny as the original.

Should not wear all day:

If using feng shui meditation in the form of neck jewelry, should not wear the chain all day, but should be removed when taking a bath, going to sleep or participating in strong sports activities, heavy labor.

Thus, it is not entangled to avoid the stone or jade face of the meditative jade exposed to body sweat, leading to fouling or oxidation.

Do not store with other types of jewelry:

When disassembling and not wearing meditative jade and want to store it in a box, you should avoid sharing it with other jewels so that the meditative jade is not scratched or lost. 

Jewelry types often have angled surfaces, some stiffer stones can scratch the surface of soft stones. It is best to use a separate box or store in a jewelry box that is divided into several compartments.

Avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics or high temperatures:

Chemicals such as shower gels, shampoos, soaps, curling dyes, etc. contain detergents that can corrode the stone surface, making it easy to stain. Also in cosmetics containing chemical ingredients that can react with stones, obscure colors or contaminate jewels. 

In addition, the composition of natural stone is mixed with impurities, high temperature (fire, lamp, boiler …) can alter the composition of the stone, causing them to expand differently, with Can cause cracking or breaking of stones. 

For colored medallions or external glass coatings, high heat sources can pore the stone surface or change the color of the stone.

Keep it with care:

Like any other jewelry, meditative jade is also very fragile if dropped. Moreover, due to a good feng shui item, the falling of meditative jade also caused confusion and anxiety for many people because of fear of a bad omen will happen. Therefore, minimize the drop of meditative jade.


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