Laughing Buddha Statue Meanings In Feng Shui And What To Avoid When Placing It In Your Place

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What does the Laughing Buddha mean?

Depending on family and office conditions, homeowners can display Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statue to welcome fortune and joys in life. 

Laughing Buddha is also called the Maitreya Buddha, quite popular in the layout of the house or the office. The Buddha laughed symbolizing luck and prosperity. His big belly was filled with wealth and fortune. People often rub their hands on the belly of Laughing Buddha to get a lot of luck and peace. His gloomy smile like dispelling all worries and sorrows in life. 

According to Feng Shui principles, the ideal location to place the Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statue is about 1m high, looking straight to the main door to attract fortune and luck. If you do not have a position above, display the statue at a table next to the wall or at the farthest corner of the room facing the main door. 

The different meaning of Laughing Buddha in Feng Shui

Why does Buddha Laughing have big belly shape, smiling mouth? Laughing Buddha is one of the unique symbols of Buddhism. Different from the quiet, majestic look like the Buddhas and other gods, Laughing Buddha always brings a smile of love, a stout body that is familiar.

In addition to the gold ingot, Laughing Buddha is also depicted as various items such as gold pot, gold ingot, golden sack or wine gourd with red ribbon. Each item on this Buddha’s hand represents the different wishes of the owner: fortune, health, luck, … 

Whatever the item in hand, the image of Laughing Buddha always symbolizes happiness, fullness, peace, and joy as well as smoking fortune and luck. It is not difficult to see, well-off families often put a statue of Buddha smiling and holding a gold ingot in the living room. However, not everyone understands the meaning or intentions of the homeowner when doing so.

Where to place the Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statue for maximum wealth and health effect?

The reason that rich families do business or trade often chooses to display and display the Feng Shui statue of Laughing Buddha smiling and smiling, embracing gold bars in the house, or especially in the living room in order to pray for fortune, money, convenient business, prosperous business, demand for the fullness.

Spiritually, they conceived a statue of a smiling Buddha Dharma that should be placed in the home, in a solemn position and seen by many people to help the homeowner “pray and wish”.

However, when placing the statue of Feng Shui Laughing Buddha in the house, it is also important to select a reasonable position to display the statue, otherwise, it may be some taboo.

The most suitable position to place the smiling Buddha statue in the house is in the large living room in the house. In this position, Buddha will bless the members of the family of peace, union members and families to be at peace and peace.

You should put the statue on the shelf about 1m high, so to face the main door into the house to suck the fortune, easily look to relieve stress, excited spirit. In addition to displaying the Laughing Buddha statue in the living room opposite the main door, you can put this statue on the desk, on the car …

Placing Laughing Buddha in the office, on the desk will bring many opportunities for advancement in your career as well as reduce stress, fatigue in your work. Besides, this Feng Shui symbol also works to prevent conflicts, conflicts with colleagues, superiors, and subordinates.

As for those who travel long distances, placing Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statue in cars helps reduce anxiety, avoid unwanted accidents and attract fortune.

A few notes when placing the Feng Shui Laughing Buddha statue in the house

Buddha statues should be placed in a luxurious, sanctuary. Therefore, absolutely do not place Buddha statues in bedrooms, kitchens, … or in less formal places.

In addition, homeowners noted, should not place the Buddha image directly on the floor, or places not solemn as under the stairs, near the toilet …

Placing the Buddha’s statue near the electronic device is also strictly prohibited because it can affect the positive energy that Buddha brings.


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