What You Need To Know About Feng Shui Bedroom Windows?

The beautiful bedroom window is considered the “eyes” of the room, connecting the private life inside with the free-flowing nature outside; space brings light and helps air circulation.

The window has a significant impact on the Feng Shui of each room as well as the house. For bedrooms, windows help regulate the air, create a cool space, repel disease. However, it is also necessary to note some precautionary issues when setting up a beautiful bedroom window. In this post, you will learn how to fit bedroom windows with Feng Shui principles.

How many windows should be arranged in the bedroom, according to Feng Shui?

For a more beautiful living space, the light and natural air must be harmoniously combined. A bedroom is a private place, but the light is also necessary and worth noting. In the bedroom, bedroom windows should be arranged so that the air is harmoniously circulated, along with scientific furniture designs. This helps you sleep better and has a more relaxed bedroom space.

According to Feng Shui, bedrooms are where the gas gathering, not dispersed. This means that the bedroom must converge and end the core of the air in the house. The position between the house is the center and the most precious place if the bedroom is in this position, the homeowner’s gas will be the strongest. Therefore, the ancient people believe that: his room (the owner) is a “vented eye” (acupuncture point), this tradition is still kept to this day, becoming one of the traditional aesthetic practices of the ancients. Take the middle (middle) to do the first, not biased, relying on. So, the bedroom in the middle of the house will make homeowners quickly develop the air in the house, doing whatever is convenient enough.

Should Feng Shui bedroom has windows, is it reasonable?

In the bedroom, there should be only one to two windows. The number of windows in the bedroom should not be too much, no matter how large the area of ​​the bedroom is.

In addition to allocating the number of bedroom windows, pay attention to the size of the bedroom window to match the room area to create an open space.

For large bedrooms, it is recommended to design the position of the bedroom window on the opposite side of the wall, avoiding the window facing each other. Doing so creates a convection air stream that makes the bedroom airier.

For small bedrooms, only one window should be arranged, either one-wing windows or glass windows with drag curtains. Because of such a door, it helps to keep the house open and not lose the energy of the room.

The bedroom of the elderly and young children should only have a small window to provide enough light and help better air circulation for the room.

Bedrooms, large and small, should only have a maximum of 2 windows. Window size should depend on the size of the room. Ideally, you should let the window be 2 to 3 times smaller than the entrance.

Even if the area is tight, it is impossible to ignore the arrangement of small bedroom windows

Best locations of the bedroom window in a good Feng Shui layout

Modern architecture today has the largest and most spacious bedroom window size possible for home space, because it is said that doing so will make the room brighter, natural, ventilated, and conducive to health. homeowner’s health. It is with this modern design that people accidentally make the gas field flutter and cause adverse influence on the health of the owner.

With a large area, it is necessary to set up a bedroom with two windows to provide ventilation for the room

According to Feng Shui, south and southeast directions can open large windows to receive more sunshine and cool breezes in the summer. In the West and Northwest, only the small bedroom window should be designed, to minimize the sun in the afternoon and the cold wind.

In the hot summer, you want to be calmer, often like lying close to the open window, wake up the next morning, and you will feel tired because your body’s energy is released and dissipated. Many are located next to large windows. Prolonged time, easily lead to inadequate sleep, fatigue, do not want to wake up … With a high age, easy to cause insomnia.

The size of the bedroom window is too big to make the airflow out; the person in the room will be tired, breathless, always feeling sleepy, not mentally lucid.

According to Feng Shui, if the size of the bedroom window is too big, it means getting a lot of light, more glare, causing heat, making the person in the room feel uncomfortable, easy to cause calm, irritable. Unreasonably harsh. If homeowners do business, it will be easy to get unsatisfied with the company and quickly get angry.

Beautiful bedroom window design, according to Feng Shui requires your bedroom to have a stable airflow, which is easy to accumulate energy. So it is not advisable to arrange bedroom windows too large.

Feng Shui notes to design beautiful bedroom windows

Each living space has its own function, so it is imperative to arrange the window properly for each area. In the bedroom space, windows should not be arranged at the head of the bed or the sun-catching position to avoid direct sunlight to the sleeping person, affecting the quality of sleep. For a children’s bedroom, to ensure safety, it is recommended to allocate a moderate bedroom window size, not too big and must be higher than the child’s reach or with bars and guards.

Bedroom furniture such as televisions, power systems, and machines should not be placed near windows to avoid natural phenomena that make them vulnerable.

For large bedrooms, windows will focus on learning corners, work to get enough light, avoid eye diseases.

The decoration of beautiful bedroom windows will leave surprising and exciting effects for your space. The wall color next to the window must match the color of the curtain, door frame, and other objects, in which the colors are gentle, fresh eyes such as light purple, light green, fresh pink are often chosen to create a light feeling, comfortable.

Curtains are one of the crucial elements to adjust the lighting, dust prevention and beauty for beautiful bedroom windows with appropriate patterns and colors. Some curtain materials from nature are very popular such as bamboo, bamboo, …

For small rooms, you should not use curtains that are too thick and dark that will make the room darker and more humid. On the other hand, if the location of bedroom windows is inconspicuous, there is little light, so use curtains with thin material, soft and elegant colors such as satin and silk.

A beautiful small flower pot placed near a beautiful bedroom window gives you more vitality and energy

Some types of plants that bloom year-round, easy to care for are often used to decorate sliding doors, shutters, and doors that open inside to increase the feeling of closeness to nature, creating a peaceful space. Romantic. For low windows, near the ground, you can grow vines such as tiger trees, pink climbing plants, and frame around the window frame to create an image of a classic door frame.

Other items such as picture frames, souvenirs, wind chimes, etc. will create a wonderful relaxation corner by the beautiful bedroom window after stressful working hours. However, you should not overdo small items that make the door frame messy, prevent light, difficult to open and close and clean.


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