Do And Don’ts To Place A TV In Your Feng Shui Bedroom

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Should you put a TV in the bedroom Feng Shui?

Today, many families have a habit of putting the television in the bedroom and ignoring Feng Shui recommendations that it will affect health and well-being in general. However, this habit will not only have a negative effect on your health and spirit, but it is also a cavalry in Feng Shui that can cause a break in marriage. 

There are many reasons why you should not put the TV in your bedroom: Television sets positive energy very strong and can lead to your partner’s unfaithful condition. 

Television screens also have mirror-like image reflections. Therefore, leaving the TV in the bedroom will also cause similar effects to mirrors, even more dangerous because the TV also emits more positive energy. 

Placing a TV in a bedroom is easy to create a separation of married life. It is considered a silent killer of husband and wife relationships. 

Leaving the TV to a more suitable space, because that helps stressful conditions settle down quickly. Remember, the bedroom – this is a private space, a romantic rest of each person, each couple. So try to keep them from being affected by other objects. 

What to consider when putting a TV in your bedroom, according to Feng Shui?

The display and orientation of TV in the house are very important because it directly affects the fortune and health of family members. So to arrange standard Feng Shui TV, do not forget to notice some taboo display shelves below.

– Set the TV shelf not too high: In Feng Shui, the person sitting on the sofa will be high mountains and opposite the TV will be water. So if you set or hang the TV shelf too high, it will not be good in Feng Shui that makes the family often contradictory and social relations cannot be a sail.

However, if the TV shelf is too high to be removed, you can hang a picture on the back wall of the sofa to help you have more good social relations.

– Open the TV too loudly: Opening the TV is too big, the volume of the output is too great to violate “inspection,” according to Feng Shui will affect the posture of all family members. If prolonged this situation will affect health such as psychological disorders, mood swings, and reduced hearing.

– Avoid choosing a too big TV: According to Feng Shui, if the bigger the TV, the more powerful the Fire (TV belongs to Fire). If the TV set is too big, it will cause owners to face many disadvantages in romance, work, … and are prone to problems, quarrels.

– Put the television in a secret place: The level of heat dissipation of the TV is very great if placed in the secret space, and the bundle will make the accumulation of heat too large. Radiation and walls will affect air circulation affecting the health of homeowners.

– Walls behind the TV: It is necessary to avoid placing the TV in front of an angled wall, the image is cut.

– Television does not face the door: According to Feng Shui hanging television, if the TV is located opposite the door or window will affect the road of fortune, reputation and homeowners’ health.

– After the TV back, there must be support: If you do not put the TV back against the wall or the cabinet, … like a homeowner with no firm foundation will create unhappiness, loss of money, and business.

– The width of the larger TV shelf: This will not be good, as it will make the gas field opposite to control such as being unable to be self-reliant at work.

– TV shelf placed too many decorative objects: Taboo put too many tools and items on the shelf of TV will make the indoor school chaotic, the gas field is not always convenient, health and career everyone meets disadvantage.

The above is the actual sharing of the direction and location of the most wonderful television and Feng Shui just right science. Applying these things well will help you use the TV in the best way without worrying about affecting your family’s fortune.


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