7 Best Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom To Attract Love And Relationship

If you’re living a single, lonely life and are ready to start a long-term love relationship or want new things that will come to your romance alongside your efforts. By yourself, you can apply some Feng Shui tips in arranging the bedroom to attract love.

By applying the rules of Feng Shui can help promote the flow of good energy to get happiness, prosperity, and wealth. So if your love story is still stuck, stagnant and have not found your half, then you can discover some Feng Shui tips in arranging the bedroom below. New, and show that you yourself have changed to make the current relationship better.

1. Choosing Feng Shui colors for bedroom for love

If you want your love to flourish, take a moment to analyze the colors in the bedroom. The hot and cold colors in the room, and the decorative accessories need a balance. If you are in the early stages of a relationship or looking for ways to attract love to someone, choose bright and warm colors for bed cushions and floor mats.

You should limit the use of colors with water elements, especially the two colors blue and black because these colors can adversely affect love affair.

2. Feng Shui for couple bedroom: Use items in pair

You should use paired furniture to bring balance to the bedroom layout, and this is also a symbol of the energy you have in life. Examples of things in a room should be a pair of candles, a pair of paintings, two chairs, or any object that has a special meaning to the owner.

The seats in the room should be symmetrical, not just the bedroom but also other spaces. In addition, you should also display some symbols, objects that show a strong connection such as a nested heart or you can put a small table on each side of the bed, one table for you and a table for “that person.” Future.

3. Feng Shui romance bedroom: Ensure neatly arranged bedroom items

Between items on the table or bedside table/cabinet and furniture of the bedroom need to maintain a certain distance. The arrangement of the bedroom with everything neatly will help the flow of airflow smoothly and smoothly.

4. Feng Shui bedroom to attract love: Pay attention to the sleeping posture

If you have a “disorganized” sleep pattern with the way you roll around the bed, cross the bed, quit right away. If you want to have a love affair, practice the habit of sleeping neatly with the choice of lying on one side of the bed and always sleeping on that side. Because if you occupy the whole bed, you will not be able to “communicate” with the person you are waiting for, leaving half the bed will help move and fill your own desire.

5. Feng Shui romance in the bedroom: Pay attention to the scent

If in the bedroom there are aromas will bring many good things, stimulate the flow of gas resources beneficial to the room. If you want to attract love, you should use musk, ylang-ylang flowers or jasmine to fill the atmosphere with love.

6. Using stones to Feng Shui your couple bedroom for love

According to Feng Shui, besides some tips in arranging bedrooms and furniture, the use of Feng Shui rocks also has many effects, of which the most popular is rose quartz stone. If you put pink quartz stone on the bedside table will help increase the air source to attract love.

7. Hanging pictures in your bedroom love corner

For couples who are in love or the couple should decorate the pictures showing the happiness in the bedroom of the two helpers add love. As for singles, you can also use images of happy couples for decoration. In addition, attention should be paid to keep the space around the picture clean and tidy.

Above are 7 Feng Shui tips in the bedroom layout to help attract love if you are single or want your love to flourish. Wishing you luck and happiness in life, if you are interested, you can refer to other Feng Shui articles related to aspects of life on our site.


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