3 Remedies To Fix Feng Shui Bedroom Slanted Ceiling

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Turning the attic floor into living space such as bedroom, study, work seems to be too familiar for Western countries. But with small, narrow house spaces, owners often make use of the attic space as a warehouse. In this post, you will learn how to Feng Shui a slanted ceiling bedroom with best practices by experts.

Meaning of slanted ceiling bedroom in Feng Shui

With creativity, you can completely turn this space into interesting, special, and impressive spaces, further increasing the usable area. When acting as a specific place of living, it is inevitable that feng shui concerns, the characteristic of the attic space is the sloping wall, rather than the roof of the wall. In this case, how to resolve?

The inclined slopes of compressed air of sleepers or people working underneath it and such rooms have no effect on helping the reproduction of sleep as well as the creative process of the day. While in the room, the inclined ceiling also makes the vision misleading.

Any disadvantage in the home can find a suitable solution, with this space, the family can use mirrors and light fixtures to reasonably arrange to have a sense of tilt being raised; paint also has the same effect.

How should you use your attic place?

Better yet, you should use these rooms as a playroom for children, adult living places, or other temporary activities. Or turn it into a room with a smaller area but with a normal shape instead of a large room with a slanted wall. A good solution is to turn the slope into a storage cabinet.

Any room that has a roof window to get light must do more to see the sky more than just a small plot. The attic is also the hottest place because it is right under the roof, but we can rest assured when using the anti-heat, noise-proof, and moisture-proof solutions.

Attic floor with the reading room including bookshelf and sofa in bright white tones. Currently, not only houses with a narrow area need to take advantage of the attic space, but high-end villas also tend to use this space as a unique feature. A space flooded with sunshine, space with a strange tilting wall, if it is large enough, it could be an extremely impressive room. 

Of course, it should be noted that the main space of this floor should be exploited so that the owners live mainly in the high and wide areas, pushing the areas of decorative shelves, less used items into “dead corners.”

How to fix slanted ceiling bedroom for better Feng Shui?

The bed headboard is almost always placed below the smallest portion of the sloped roof because generally, the largest portion of a sloped roof is in the middle of the room. Take the following steps to enhance the room’s energy.

If you sleep in a sloping ceiling bedroom, move your bed under the largest portion of the sloped roof, especially the headboard. This is the component in most spaces where the ceiling has a triangle setup, and the energy is feeling elevated.

If the headboard can not be moved from below the smallest portion of the sloped roof, paint a very light color on the roof. Using the same light color on the walls as on the roof could assist. 

If you’re creative (or have a creative partner), paint a wall above the bed on the sloping roof. To counterbalance the heavy and constricting energy of the sloped roof, choose a subject or picture with inspirational energy of expansion, liberty, and openness. The trick should be done by an open sky mural with a new, clear blue sky and a hint of soft white clouds.

Unfortunately, you won’t have a very nice feng shui bedroom with a bed under a sloped roof, no matter how well you execute the suggested feng shui measures. You can improve it, but you can’t perfect it. Make the best of the scenario, but be conscious that in your future, you will be able to develop a better feng shui bedroom scenario.


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