Which Feng Shui Plants Can You Choose To Put In Your Bedroom?

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Should You Have Plants In Bedroom Feng Shui?

Many families take care of the bedroom with different types of ornamental plants. When using these plants you should avoid some of the following to bring good luck and happiness to your family.

Each type of tree, the flower has its own meaning in terms of Feng Shui. Characteristics and properties of the room are crucial factors for choosing ornamental plants. Besides, the decoration of ornamental plants in the bedroom has a direct impact on the homeowner’s atmosphere.

Creating a resting place to regain the spirit and health after every stressful day is something everyone needs to be mindful of. If sleeping is not enough, improper resting will directly affect the health and life of the owner. So, when decorating the bedroom, it is necessary to create a really scientific and reasonable space to help your spirit to be relaxed and absolutely relaxed when you rest.

Bedroom space (Yin), biased towards static so do not grow big, bold and rough, rough trees. Avoid the wrong trees, big leaf trees entangle the aisles, hinder the movement and obscure the view.

Do Not Plant Big, Bold And Rough Plants In Feng Shui Bedroom

Especially, it is advisable to put fresh flower plants at the bedside to be effective for homeowners. However, it should be noted that when choosing flower plants, take soft colors as the main color, do not choose the flowers with the color and the bold flavor to avoid suffocation and allergies. Decorated trees need to show the effects and characteristics of the bedroom, which is soft, comfortable, pleasant and quiet. Therefore, when choosing green plants, you should choose trees with long leaf stems, select trees with many leaves as the main ones.

Feng Shui Flowers In Bedroom: Do Not Choose Flowers With Strong Colors And Smell To Plant In Your Bedroom

Do not plant wide, luxuriant trees at the bedside; High humidity plants by frequent watering will provide opportunities for microorganisms to proliferate, humid spaces increase negative gas imbalance Yin Yang and directly affect the health of homeowners.

It Is Advisable To Plant Trees That Do Not Need Much Water

The suggestion is that plants should be grown to select plants and flowers that have low demand for water, such as orchids, architecture, golden sand and some other kinds of flowers. small leafy plants, medium and small or light green potted plants give homeowners a sense of cavalier, free and comfort.

If you intend to plant bonsai in the bedroom, you should take the time to take care of them always fresh. Because each tree has a meaning and brings good things to the owner. Therefore, you should not leave the tree in an underdeveloped condition leading to wilt. Trees are a measure of the gas field for a room, so if you leave a dead tree, it will bring bad things to you.

Depending on furniture and each small space in the room to arrange bonsai and reasonable flowers. Big trees should not be placed next to the window to obscure the light and the air in the house. Do not place the trees too high next to the low cabinets and vice versa will lose the overall landscape of the room.


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