According To Feng Shui, Where To Place Mirror In Your Bedroom?

Mirrors are indispensable items in the bedroom in particular as well as in the beautiful villas in general, especially for women, but according to Feng Shui, there are many ideas that why should not be Hanging mirrors in the bedroom? So how does this explain, how bad is it, and what is the proper mirror layout in the bedroom with the location and characteristics?

Mirrors are used a lot in makeup work as well as the daily life of women, so they are often placed on the dressing table, hanging on the wall in the couple’s bedroom, daughter. But in many studies, it is not good for human health and a long life. So why not put a mirror in the bedroom? Is it an unnecessary superstition?

According to Feng Shui experts, a mirror hanging in the bedroom is not suitable for position and shape, size will make homeowners vulnerable to insomnia, startled, feeling insecure, worried, especially When placing large mirrors facing the bedroom. If you are alone in the bedroom or at night, the reflection in the mirror will suddenly frighten you. 

Why Shouldn’t You Put A Mirror In Your Bedroom, According To Science?

Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? As demonstrated by science, mirrors are made of silver and sodium metal. These substances create negative energy that directly affects people. When the mirror faces the bed, it will reflect, creating a negative energy source. And just like a mirror, computer, TV screen, glass pictures on the bed are not good. 

Why Shouldn’t You Put A Mirror In Your Bedroom, According To Feng Shui?

The large mirrors hanging in the bedroom will have a larger room feeling but very cold and overwhelming, should not be used for small rooms. In addition, the light from the mirror to the room is easy to cause insecurity for people when going to bed, in the long run, will cause health damage, depression, and menstruation. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? Especially for the elderly, the sick, the weak heart is more dangerous. Even mirrors with mirrors should not leave mirrors facing the bed to avoid panic and stress.

We have noticed that, if the couple, if the mirror is arranged close to the bed will create excitement but in the long run is not good for the couple’s health. And that is why in hotels, motels often hang mirrors. However, in the bedrooms of families, it is very limited. There is also the idea that mirrors in bed are easy to cause separation for the couple, leading to disputes, and quarrels.

Why Should You Not Put A Mirror In Your Bedroom Arbitrarily And Have A Reasonable Feng Shui Layout?

Although it is not good to put a mirror in the bedroom, it is not practical to ignore it because it is necessary. So how does the mirror layout in the bedroom overcome the most optimistic harms, we will study in-depth together to find suitable solutions.

Don’t put a mirror in the bedroom, especially don’t put the mirror in the bedroom directly

Answer why not mirror in the bedroom. Most couples’ bedrooms have a dressing table or at least have a big mirror to serve the make-up, embellishing clothes and hair, which is absolutely essential. 

However, the couple can arrange the projection mirror to the other direction, such as shining on the wall, into the cabinet … and avoiding the direction of shining into the bed. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? It is best to place a small dressing table in parallel with the bed if conditions permit.

And remember that before going to bed you should do things like close the mirror or cover the mirror with a mirror cover that is popular today. Now there are many types of wing mirrors, finished using can fold the mirror easily and conveniently. When using this type of makeup, no matter where to put the mirror, it does not worry about affecting sleep.

Do not hang the mirror on the ceiling as it reflects a lot of corners in the room.

You should set the mirror in the direction of Southeast, North, and East, because in Feng Shui science, setting the mirror in the East will help improve health, set a mirror in the Southeast will help you prosper, meet many advantages, setting the example to the North will help the couple’s feelings of harmony and harmony. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? However, this is only relative, not in any case.

The mirror should not be placed in the south because it will interact with the fire, but the mirror is seen as a water element, according to the five elements, the water is engraved, not good.

Choose A Location To Set The Appropriate Mirror In The Bedroom

Mirrors have the effect of increasing the area and creating more light for living space, bringing a feeling of spaciousness, so you should choose the appropriate position to put the mirror in the bedroom so as not to adversely affect the homeowners.

+ Mirrors must not be faced with beds, do not let mirrors face the bedroom door, should not be placed in the opposite position of the desk or reflect indoor workplaces as this will cause career or study not growing. Set the mirror opposite the entrance is also dark in the Feng Shui bedroom.

+ Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? Especially not hanging two mirrors opposite each other will cause light rays to reflect each other, not conducive to regulating and gathering energy in the home.

+ Pay attention to placing mirrors in a place that can reflect pictures of color, beauty, romance, funny eyes, which will help the hosts feeling happier and not worry and fear. The mirror opposite the window should be placed by the mirror that will reflect the beautiful natural airy exterior. Moreover, when the mirror is reflected out, it will not cause a feeling of being overwhelmed or frightened by illuminating the corners of the room.

How To Put Mirrors In The Bedroom The Feng Shui Way?

Do not place a reflective mirror into the toilet if a closed bedroom is built. Because it is thought that mirrors will disperse air pollution throughout the room and that is not beneficial. A good position is to put a dressing table or mirror parallel to the bed.

How To Choose A Feng Shui Mirror In The Bedroom?

In general, mirrors have many shapes such as round, oval, square, rectangular … and many unique shapes are beautiful on the market, the frame comes when it is made of metal or wood. The square or rectangular mirror has the meaning of creating a balance, the octagonal mirror symbolizes power and strength while the round mirror has the meaning of reunion and reunion. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? Avoid placing mirrors with corners or non-square contours, although quite beautiful but meaningless.

If a square mirror is placed in the house, it is best to choose a mirror with a frame, to avoid exposing it to the edges of the glass.

When choosing the mirror size, it should be appropriate, not too big or too small, depending on the area of ​​the room to choose a suitable size mirror. Note that when you look in the mirror, the top of your head is reflected in the mirror with a large space, thus symbolizing far-reaching development. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? Note that mirrors should not be chosen to distort or change shapes.

Should choose folding mirror or winged mirror for convenience when finished use can be folded does not affect the sleep or psychology of the owner. Do not use old mirrors, cracked mirrors and regularly clean the mirror without dust. 

Many rigid people think that it must be completely removed from the bedroom because it is a taboo, but it is not necessary to follow it. Why shouldn’t a mirror be hung in the bedroom? This is quite true, but we know that mirrors are both necessary and decorative items, just need to arrange mirrors in the right position, in the right size and state. important.


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