Best Bedroom Feng Shui Layouts For Love And Wealth

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Arranging the bedroom according to Feng Shui is also one of the things that the homeowners pay much attention to and take note of to have a good life and a lot of luck to bring happiness to the family.

Therefore, this article will show you some bedroom layout so that the best Feng Shui helps you to have a beautiful, warm, modern and luxurious bedroom with Feng Shui.

Overview of Feng Shui Bedroom Rules

The bedroom is a particularly private space, reflecting the view of a family home. According to Feng Shui, bedrooms carry Wood Element and can be combined with other Five Elements depending on decoration items in the room.

Therefore, if choosing the right direction, arranging a bedroom with Feng Shui can bring good and good luck. On the contrary, there will be disadvantages in health, work, stability in the family. 

  • Door direction, bedroom direction. Colors decorated in the bedroom.
  • Location of furniture in the bedroom: bedside direction, placement of beds, electronics, mirrors in the bedroom… 
  • In case the bedroom has the same working room, it is necessary to ensure separate rules.
  • Arrange the direction of light in the bedroom. 

In addition to the above factors, it is also related to some taboos not suitable for Feng Shui you need to avoid to have a healthy space, ensuring health and happiness for the family.

Feng Shui Principles Bedroom

Based on par, age to determine the direction of good, bad for the bedroom. Usually, the bedroom direction will be determined according to the bowl diagram.

Accordingly, the design, the azimuth, and the Feng Shui bedroom arrangement are as follows: 

The four-member East belongs to the palace of Kham, Chan, Ly, and Ton. The good directions are South, North, Southeast, and East.

The western quartet belongs to Can, Khon, Can and Doai arcs, the good directions are Southwest, Northwest, West, and Northeast.

Therefore, when choosing the direction of the room, the room, the direction of the bed, it is necessary to base on the age and destiny of the landlord to choose the best direction so as to suit the most Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Bedroom Layout For Love

In terms of Feng Shui, the bedroom must ensure the circulation of airflow, providing a comfortable feeling. But it is also necessary to avoid noisy sounds that will affect human health.

The bedroom is not designed opposite or above the stove, altar, toilet. And the bedroom must ensure adequate light, ventilation, light intensity and air circulation at night.

The main door and bedroom door should not lie on a straight line to prevent a third person from appearing to break the happiness of the family, the host is uneasy.

Bed in the bedroom

Headboard must be placed in a good direction and head toward the sand.

The headboard should have firm support.

At the end of the right side of the bed did not leave it empty to avoid instability in the family.

The two sides of the bedside should be close to the door because if placed near it, it may affect love and marriage.

Mirror in the bedroom

In the bedroom should not install too many mirrors because it is the phenomenon of “destroying happiness” will lose the wealth of the family and cause mental disadvantages.

Also, do not allow mirrors to be projected directly on: main doors, beds, and ceilings.

Decoration items in the bedroom

In the bedroom, there should not be too many troublesome, no-art items, artworks that can be harmful to a marriage.

Do not put trees in the bedroom. If the bedroom has a balcony, plants are not allowed to climb into the bedroom.

Bedroom ceilings are not fitted with lights, ceiling fans will not be healthy and cause many disadvantages.

Bedrooms also avoid many windows and no curtains. Failure to do so will result in a relationship that is cracking, distant, and distracting.

The above is the necessary information you need to keep in mind to be able to arrange the best Feng Shui bedroom arrangement to bring more luck and happiness to family members.


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