What Effect Should A Feng Shui Bedroom Lamp Bring To Your Home?

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The layout of the night light with Feng Shui for good sleep

Bedroom lamps are everyday items in the family space; they not only provide a warm light source for the room but also help put the user to sleep better. But to do this, you need to know how to choose the best product. In particular, in Asian Feng Shui, the choice and arrangement are always more concerned. Please consult the following information carefully to make the best decision.

Choose a round or square Feng Shui bedroom lamp to create a sense of security

For a long time, Feng Shui has been concerned by many people, especially with Eastern countries. They not only help bring good luck but also affect the health of yourself and those around you. Typically, Feng Shui factors involve choosing colors and styles to the location of objects in the family or in the architecture in general. In this article, we would like to introduce to you how to choose and find a satisfactory location for a beautiful night light in the room. Please consult more to know for yourself to serve life. 

Choose appropriate colors for your bedroom lamp

The natural colors of desk lamps are light yellow or pink, and sometimes people choose a soft blue glow to bring a warm, luxurious feeling to the room. Moreover, you can also feel more relaxed during your resting moments. 

But experts recommend choosing colors according to the reciprocity theory for the best Feng Shui. If you act as a Woodman, you can select a light that is tilted to green, and you should choose black color for those who are destined for Water. And red and white times the amount for those of Fire and Kim.

Pay attention to the light source to Feng Shui your bedroom

Currently, the market has light lamps that can control the light. Because of that, they will help you avoid direct light on your eyes and affect your health and psychological impact when sleeping. 

According to Feng Shui theory, the lights provide light, so they belong to the Fire, so they can use Fire to be able to neutralize or make prosperity for Feng Shui. When the lamp in the room is broken, it should be repaired or changed immediately, avoiding long-term damage to Feng Shui in the place. This will negatively affect the mood of the owner of that room. 

Pay attention to the shape of the table lamp

According to Feng Shui experts, you should choose a round or square bedroom lamp. Currently, the market has many types of unique or bizarre shapes with display functions to beautify the room. But in reality, they are not suitable for Feng Shui, so they should not be brought into the room. 

Such lamps often have a terrible idea and have a terrible effect on the homeowners. For circular lamps, they mean a wall like a stable family. But with triangular or polygonal lamps, it is possible to form a close sense. This will negatively affect the mentality of the homeowner. Therefore it should be avoided, and at the same time should not choose animal-shaped lights because they will cause feelings of insecurity for the sleeping person. 

Mind the light intensity of the Feng Shui bedroom lamp

Experts recommend that you do not use too bright desk lamps or bedroom lamps. Because the light shining on the eyes when sleeping will cause a dazzling feeling. The person lying down will not have a sense of relaxation, but also adversely affect the quality of sleep. 

Some best Feng Shui locations for specific bedroom lamp

Need to choose a convenient spot to place the bedroom lamp in the family. There are some caveats you should not put, to be able to know this, please refer to the information below. 

Do not hang a night light on the top of the bed or the ceiling because they will adversely affect health as well as create a sense of insecurity. Primarily, lamps such as chandeliers or lanterns with a base bar design should not be used.

According to experts, such lights increase mental stress and can cause health problems such as insomnia, weak breathing, and frequent nightmares. In case of force majeure, you should choose a wall lamp, or you can translate the bed out. 

At the same time, the space above the bed should be ventilated and should put a night light with soft light, colors suitable for the destiny of the person lying and placed right next to the bed. So not only with Feng Shui ideas but also make use more convenient.

For example, for those who are looking for their other half, use light purple colored lights or install nine bulbs to enhance the peach blossom movement. Feng Shui element is essential, so if you are still wondering, you can learn more about the place to put a bedroom lamp in the family space to be able to increase the beauty for the family.


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